7 ways to make your home more dog-friendly

Make your home a haven for your dog with these pet-friendly adjustments

We all love our pets unconditionally, so it really is worth investing in their health and happiness (as well as your own) by introducing a few dog-friendly measures in your home. Here are 7 ways to turn your home environment from hapless to happy…

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1. Consider flooring

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With dogs running through your house on a regular basis, the rule of flooring is the harder the better. Tiles are virtually scratch proof and it also provides a cool place for your dog to nap during hot weather. Carpeting is generally something you want to avoid. It harbors a whole host bacteria and hair. It can be a major contributor to human allergy issues within the home, too. Wood flooring is a good choice – think oak, maple, cherry, elm, sycamore and mahogany.

Ensure that your floor remains in good condition by regularly keeping your dogs nails trimmed.

2. Avoid white!


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If you have a dog in your home, you will do well to avoid upholstering in light colours and delicate fabric. Leather is a good choice because it is hardy, does not absorb odour, and can easily be wiped clean

3. Keep treasured items out of reach

Store all fragile, breakable items behind closed doors. Dogs are often excitable animals, and will play with just about anything.

4. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner


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If you own a shedding breed that needs it’s fair share of dog grooming you will understand the need for vacuuming at least twice a week. Brushing your pet (probably outdoors) on a regular basis will help cut down on the amount of dead hair that ends up stuck on your carpets and furniture.

5. Keep it down

use natural cleaners how to clean a mattress

Switch to a non-toxic cleanser, and close the lid after each use, as some dogs can be fond of drinking from the toilet

6. Hide all electrical cables

A thick, cable protector (available from all good hardware stores) can be placed over the cables, to make them chew-proof. Alternatively, hide trailing wires and cables behind furniture.

7. Remove household toxins (including plants)


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Strong chemicals, cleaners and environmental insecticides should be kept well out of reach of all dogs. Consider the use of a ‘green’ alternative. It’s not only chemicals we should be made aware of – a lot of plants are poisonous to dogs. The most common houseplants you need to watch out for are: Mistletoe, Philodendron and Poinsettia. If your dog does eat part of a poisonous plant, go straight to the vet.

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Does your pet rule your home? How many of these can you relate to?

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