'Honey… I’m home!' Festival-goers all a-buzz about new temporary accommodation that lets you bunk in a hive-like cell - without getting stung

Check into a B-and-Bee - the honeycomb-shaped mobile, modular stackable sleeping cell provides a clean, safe and affordable way to camp at a festival

With festival season upon us yet again, new forms of temporary pop-up accommodation are, well, popping up all over to make sleeping in a field less of a trench-foot infested affair.

Luxury yurts, designer tepees and 'glamping' experiences are aplenty and yet, with festival ticket prices what they are and the cost of transportation, food and the necessary amenities, not everyone has the budget to avoid that step-up from a roomy paper bag.

honeycomb living pods

(Image credit: B-and-Bee)

Leave it to the Belgians to deliver an astonishingly quirky way to enjoy the festival sleeping experience for those with limited funds.


B-AND-BEE is a honeycomb-shaped hive-like structure of sleeping units that is currently being tested and fine-tuned ahead of the 2015 festival season.

On top of being affordable, the units will offer luggage storage, a locker, lighting and a power supply and they are roomy and comfortable enough to share.

honeycomb pods with table

(Image credit: B-and-Bee)

They are also designed with their global footprint in mind, as the aim is to keep the environmental impact low while providing a unique and enjoyable experience.

Prices and global availability will not be determined until a later date, but keep your antennas alert for up-to-date information and, in the meantime, see more pictures at B-AND-BEE.com

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