Hot shopping: Snuggle up indoors with these snowy weather essentials (cup of tea not included)

Having a snow day? With more wintry weather forecast this week, we've been scouring the web for the hottest high street buys, so you can put your feet up and stay cosy indoors

red teapot with pouffe and knit throw
(Image credit: TBC)

'Oh, the weather outside is frightful...' Don't let chilly weather ruin your week; see it instead as the perfect opportunity to take a snow day (all the trains to work were cancelled - honest.) Kick back, light a fire and snuggle up with our hot shopping guide to the cosiest products on the high street.

First things first, brew yourself a hot cup of tea to warm those chilly hands. But, it has to be proper tea, with real leaves and an actual teapot. (It'll be worth the effort, trust us.) Investing in a proper teapot will not only make your morning cuppa a cut above the rest, it'll also make your kitchen look pretty chic too.

Apple Red Teapot With Wooden Saucer, £67.50, Red Candy

If you're going to put your feet up you need a colourful perch to
take the weight off. This 'Estaban' pouffe is not only super soft,
dazzlingly colourful and cheerfully chic, it also reminds us of a giant
tub of smarties. Win win.

'Estaban' Pouffe, £109, Very

A textured knit will instantly up the snuggle factor, so pick a chunky wool throw for guaranteed warmth. A multicoloured mix will also add a bright splash of colour to cut through the grey gloom outside and remind you of sunnier times to come.

Knit throw, House of Fraser

If you don't have anyone special to snuggle up to on cold winter evenings, try a cute knitted hot water bottle instead. It won't answer you back, it won't hog the duvet and all you need to do is add hot water. The perfect cold weather companion.

Huggable Hotties Hot Water Bottle, £10, Palmers

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