Bad news for hot tub owners – this is how much it actually costs to run one during the summer

Is your hot tub sending your energy bill soaring?
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  • If you’re thinking about indulging in a hot tub to jazz up your garden this summer,  it’s important to first think how much does it cost to run a hot tub. you might be surprised to learn just how much it could add to you energy bill.

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    Sales of hit tubs have soared over the last year. Online searches peaked in April with searches 244 per cent up on last year.

    After six months of lockdown, and staycations the most practical holiday option at the moment, it’s no surprise that hot tubs have surged in popularity. However, warns that hot tubs have a secret hidden cost you might not be aware of.

    How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

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    Sadly, if you have saved up enough money to afford a hot tub, you don’t stop paying for it at the checkout point. According to the comparison website, a hot tub could add £62 to your energy bill a month.

    If you were to run a hot tub for just 30 minutes a day for all of the summer it could rack up a bill of £310. To put that into context, you could pick up a four-person hot tub from Argos for just £70 more at £380.

    However, it isn’t just hot tubs that are wracking up our energy bills this summer. Uswitch found that an electric patio heater was the second biggest summer energy guzzler, costing 33p an hour to run.

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    An electric BBQ was found to cost 29p an hour to run, while a garden projector cost 5p.

    ‘At this time of year, many families would usually be jetting off to sunny destinations around the world, but instead, a lot are opting to stay in the UK,’ says Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at Uswitch.

    ‘Consumers are searching for hot tubs in higher numbers than previous years as they attempt to make the staycation a little more exciting,’ she adds. ‘If you are considering buying one, it is important to factor in the cost of running them on top of the initial outlay.’

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    ‘Hot tubs demand more power than other summer goods because they have to be kept at a high ambient temperature. This means they continue to use energy — up to £2 a day in some cases.’

    ‘Do your research before buying a new gadget or garden feature or you may be in for a shock when you get your energy bill.’

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    Are you still thinking about investing in a hot tub?

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