Lynsey Queen of Clean has a unusual hack for making stainless steel look brand new – but it's total genius

Get ready to raid your bathroom cabinet

Cleaning expert Lynsey Queen of Clean has a genius tip for how to clean stainless steel. But you'll need to raid your bathroom cabinet first.

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If you have a stainless steel hob, you'll know that keeping it clean and streak-free can seem like an impossible challenge. However, cleaning influencer, Lynsey Crombie – known as Lynsey Queen of Clean to her Instagram followers – has a top tip to get your stainless steel sparkling using baby oil!

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Speaking to Ideal Home about her new line of cleaning tools with Addis, Lynsey revealed her unusual baby oil hack.

How to clean stainless steel

'With stainless steel, clean it after every use and buff it dry straight away with a good micro-fibre cloth,' Lynsey explains. 'The tip here is if you get a tiny drop of baby oil onto a corner of your cloth and swirl it all around, it comes up beautifully.'

Lynsey reveals that she has been using the hack for years, after discovering it from a friend. 'I learnt the tip when the twins were little. I went to a friend's house for a cup of tea and she got her baby oil out.'

'I thought "what are you doing?", and she started buffing up her hob. And it worked!'

If you don't believe the cleaning expert, just take a look at her sparkling kitchen.

'You only use a bit,' adds Lynsey. 'The tiniest drop and you apply it to the cloth, not directly to the hot or the stainless steel. Then you buff, a little goes a really long way.'

The cleaning guru isn't exaggerating when she says you don't need much. Lynsey has been using the same bottle of baby oil in her cleaning caddy for six years.

'It lasts and lasts and lasts,' she explains.

The only stainless steel Lynsey avoids is the taps. 'I think with the water and the oil it will start sliding off anyway.'

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Will you be trying out the baby oil hack?

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