Lynsey Queen of Clean reveals the wonder product no cleaning caddy should be without

And you'll already have it in your home

When it comes to cleaning, it can be easy to get carried away by the latest wonder product. Before you know it your cleaning caddy is overflowing with bottles, pastes and concentrates. However, according to cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie there is only one product you really need to invest in to get your home gleaming - washing up liquid!

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Lynsey, known to her Instagram followers as the Queen of Clean told Ideal Home that a good washing up liquid is her number one cleaning essential, that she couldn't live without.

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'A really good washing up liquid is essential because it is a multi-purpose product,' explains Lynsey. 'It doesn't just do your dishes. You can do your floor, you can do your bathroom. It is a great stain remover. It is a key item for your cleaning caddy.'

You heard it here first, you can put down that expensive stain remover and floor cleaner, an inexpensive bottle of washing up liquid will do the trick, whether you want sparkling clean floors or a soapy mix to clean a radiator with.

Lynsey regularly shares tips for cleaning on This Morning and her only Instagram account, and has even brought out her own line of cleaning tools with Addis. This is advice you know you can trust.

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When choosing a good washing up liquid, Lynsey says that most will do the trick, from Fairy to Wilko's own brand. However her ultimate go-to at home is Teepol Gold.

'It's a brand that no ones ever off because its not something that's available in supermarkets,' says Lynsey. 'It's just something that I randomly discovered online. I love it and use it all the time.'

'It's called Teepol Gold, it's amazing. You can even wash your car with it. It's a really good bubbly washing up liquid.'

While Teepol Gold might not be available in supermarkets, you can usually find it on Amazon or buy directly from Teepol online. A single 500ml bottle will cost you £2.25, or you can invest in a 5-litre bottle for £18.

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The detergent is super concentrated, so a little will go a long way. It is lemon-scented and promises to cut through fats and grease. Your crockery and home will be left gleaming.

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Will your bottle of washing up liquid be making the move from the sink to the cleaning caddy?

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