Lynsey Queen of Clean has created a foolproof cleaning range – think pink for the sink, and blue for the loo!

We can't wait to try it

This Morning's reigning 'Queen of Clean', Lynsey Crombie has launched a Queen of Clean cleaning range to get your home sparkling in no time.

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The Instagram cleaning sensation has collaborated with Addis to create her dream cleaning kit. It is made up of 18 cleaning tools that the cleaning guru swears by to keep her home sparkling. If it's good enough for the Queen of Clean, we can't wait to try it out in our own homes.

Lynsey Queen of Clean cleaning range

The entire collection has been designed to make cleaning your home as easy as possible. For example, the classic Addis super sponges have been given a Queen of Clean twist by bringing them together in colour-coded sets.

woman is cleaning

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Buy now:  5pk Super Sponges, £4.99, Amazon

Each pack includes 5 coloured sponges: pink for sink, blue for the loo, green for clean, yellow for washing up and wiping down and grey for stainless steel. A simple and effective way of avoiding cross-contamination when cleaning. The last thing you want is to accidentally wipe your sink down with the toilet sponge.

The majority of the range has been colour coded to streamline your cleaning routine. From the microfibre clothes –perfect for buffing surfaces – to the dual-action scrub and wipe sponge.

woman is cleaning and cloth set

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Buy now: 4pk Microfibre cloth set, £5.99, Addis

Even the soap dispensing scourer and brush have been designed in pink. Just in case you need reminding that they belong by the sink.

When using any of the sponge or clothes in the collection, Lynsey's top tip is to use a two-step cleaning process.

'Using just one side of the cloth or sponge, grab a detergent-based product to actually lift away the dirt and grime,' Lynsey Crombie explains.

cleaning with soap dispensing brush and microfibre

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'Leave the product a few minutes to do its work, and then flip over your cloth or sponge and allow the microfibre to wipe everything clean. Picking up bacteria and debris as you go.'

'Then rinse your cloth under hot water and repeat the process using a disinfectant based product. Wipe, allow to sit, and then flip over for clean sterile surfaces.'

For any stubborn stains, you can try the Lynsey Queen of Clean Miracle Sponge. The clever white sponge promises to remove rust from toasters and also work a treat on cleaning up white trainers.

Buy now: Miracle Sponge, 99p, Amazon

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Will you be updating your cleaning kit with these Queen of Clean favourites?

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