The four worst stains of Valentine’s Day and how to get rid of them

Stop your evening from becoming a dirty morning after

Valentine's Day is the most romantic night of the year. That is until the red wine topples over and seeps into the carpet. Luckily we have rounded up tips on how to get rid of red wine stains and other Valentine's day disasters.

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Whether it is chocolate melted into the sofa or make-up smeared on the carpet the stain experts, Dr. Beckmann, know how to get rid of it.

The last thing anyone wants is an evening you won't forget because of the massive stain on the sofa.

How to get rid of candle wax stains

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Candles might be perfect for casting a romantic glow over an evening. However, one drippy candle can ruin your favourite table cloth. You can rescue it by scraping off the hardened wax with a blunt knife. Then rub the mark with white vinegar and a damp cloth. Then simply leave it to soak.

How to get rid of red wine stains

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If your other half accidentally knocks over your glass of wine, rather than picking a fight, grab a cloth quickly. Blot the alcohol up with a cloth until all the liquid is absorbed, then sponge it with cold water.

If you find the stain is still there in the morning, try using Dr Beckmann's Carpet Stain Remover.

How to get rid of makeup stains

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This is one stain we can't blame on our other half. If you're running late for your date night, it is easy to accidentally knock over a foundation bottle.

If you spot the spill early, quickly wipe it with make-up remover to avoid an unsightly stain. But if it's smeared into the carpet, don't despair, just grab some stain remover and keep scrubbing.

How to get rid of chocolate stains

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A Valentine's day favourite. A sweet token of your loved ones affection...until it's melted into the sofa. Treat the melted chocolate stains in a similar way to the candle wax.

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Scrape off any excess chocolate, then blot with a damp cloth, before using detergent to scrub the stain.

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