Indoor plants – our pick of the best

Looking for house plants? Take a look at our selection of real and artificial beauties - all available to buy online

Pot plants are a real breath of fresh air in the home - especially in those dark winter months when they can bring a splash of lush green or welcome colour to interiors. Look out for retro favourites of old, such as cacti and palm plants, roses and narcissi, add a touch of the exotic with elegant orchids, or create an impressive display with bold bonsai. If house-plant maintenance fills you with horror, worry not. There are some amazing artificial versions available that are impossible to distinguish from the real thing - and all they will require is a little light dusting. Heaven in a pot...

Potted Bonsai Plants, one with a black base the other with a white base

(Image credit: Ikea)

1. Potted Bonsai Plants


Dimensions: Plant H90cm, Pot 39cm diameter

These bonsai trees are Ficus microcarpa Ginseng and have been developed by grafting two different species of Ficus together. They are substantial in size and come potted up ready to make an instant display. Place in a bright or slightly shaded place in your home, away from radiators and draughts. Price shown is for one.

Potted Bonsai Plants, £69, Ikea

Cacti in a Terracotta Bowl on garden slabs

(Image credit: TBC)

2. Cacti in a Terracotta Bowl


Dimensions: Supplied in a 19cm terracotta bowl

Echinocactus grusonii is a fabulously large cactus that is very easy to look after. In spring and autumn water sparingly when the soil becomes dry, then barely water before and during winter. Be careful - those pretty pink spines are very spikey! 

Cacti in a Terracotta Bowl, £24, Perfect Plants

Artificial Lavender in Wicker Pot

(Image credit: John Lewis)

3. Artificial Lavender in Wicker Pot


Dimensions: H25 x 13.5cm diameter

A firm British favourite, this beautiful bouquet of lavender is ideal for lavishing your home with a floral touch and, being artificial, it requires no more maintenance than a flick of the duster every now and then. From variations in petal shades and individual stamens, to capturing the movement of each stem, every flower is hand made by company Peony to re-create the beauty of real plants. Polyurethane.

Artificial Lavender in Wicker Pot, £25, John Lewis

Autograph Single Cascade Orchid in a pink pot

(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

4. Autograph Single Cascade Orchid


Dimensions: Plant H48cm, Pot H22 x 17.5cm diameter

A stunning orchid planted with a covering of Tillandsia moss in a dusky pink geometric-style ceramic pot. Sent with a personal message if buying as a gift.

Autograph Single Cascade Orchid, £45, Marks and Spencer

White Rose Plant in a white pot

(Image credit: Debenhams)

5. White Rose Plant

This giftwrapped white rose plant is pretty as a picture and will complement any decor. Position in a well lit spot away from radiators and watch that it doesn't dry out, particularly if in full summer sun. Water following care instructions.

White Rose Plant, £26, Debenhams

Mini Blossom Trees Set, one light pink one dark pink and one white, on a wooden shelf in front of a window

(Image credit: TBC)

6. Mini Blossom Trees Set


Dimensions: H20cm

Why go real when fake looks this good? These artificial blossom topiaries bring joy to the heart. Place them singly or in a group wherever a glow of brightness and colour would be most welcome. Sweet and simple, they are springtime in a pot. Set of three.

Mini Blossom Trees Set, £25, Bloom

Pony Tail Palm Plant

(Image credit: Crocus)

7. Pony Tail Palm Plant


Dimensions: H45cm approximately, including pot

The Beaucarnea recurvata or pony tail palm is a striking, structural plant with a bulb-like base that holds on to water and slender leaves that cascade around the stem. Water well but only when the compost is dry and make sure excess water drains away. Re-pot only when necessary. 

Pony Tail Palm Plant, £14, Crocus

Spring Tete a Tete Narcissi Teacup and Saucer, yellow flowers in a white teacup pot

(Image credit: TBC)

8. Spring Tete a Tete Narcissi Teacup and Saucer


Dimensions: H35 x 18cm diameter

Celebrate spring in all its glory with Tete a Tete mini daffodils. Supplied in a white ceramic teacup and saucer with a pretty heart motif and trimmed with moss. Give as a gift or treat yourself. 

Spring Tete a Tete Narcissi Teacup and Saucer, £25, Interflora

Fake Mini Roses Set, three in shades of pink and white in a wooden crate

(Image credit: House of Fraser)

9. Fake Mini Roses Set

Pretty set of six artificial roses in pink and cream, each potted up separately and supplied in a rustic wooden tray. Secured in place with rustic garden twine for an authentic touch.

Fake Mini Roses Set, £30, House of Fraser

Streptocarpus in a Ceramic Pot, purple and white flowers

(Image credit: TBC)

10. Streptocarpus in a Ceramic Pot


Dimensions: 11cm diameter

Grown for their showy flowers, which come in a wide range of colours, these tender perennials make superb houseplants. They will flower from mid-spring to mid-autumn and tend to bloom more prolifically when slightly pot-bound. The mature plant will be up to H30cm, and it comes in a lovely white ceramic pot, 11cm diameter.

Streptocarpus in a Ceramic Pot, £20, Waitrose Garden