Do you own any of these classic items, worth thousands of pounds?

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  • They include a Sony walkman and a VERY expensive lunchbox!

    Wondering how on earth you’re going to afford Christmas this year? It could be worth taking at trip to the attic, clearing out the garage or checking those boxes gathering dust under the bed.

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    New research by Roof Stores reveals that there could indeed by cash in your attic, if you own these classic items, some worth thousands of pounds.


    Image credit: David Giles

    We’ve picked out some top items that could make you rich quick. Do you own any of them?

    1. Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone First Edition


    Value: £50,000

    Hang on though! Before you jump off the sofa and over to the bookcase, it’s worth knowing that not just any First Edition will do. First, it needs to be a hardback copy. And it must have the numbers 10 through to 1 printed down the back of the title page. Only then will you be in the money.

    2. Superman lunch box


    Value: £12,500

    Own one of these and, ironically, packed lunches might become a thing of the past! This DC Comics design has reportedly sold for $16,000. Other valuable design include Beatles and Jetsons boxes from the 1960s.

    If you’re hoping your lunch box will be collectable one day, it’s best not to take it to school or work. Only those in mint condition realise big sums at auction.

    3. Marantz 2600 audio receiver


    Value: £4,700

    You know all those weird and wonderful but seemingly useless hi-fi separates that your techy dad/mum/uncle/aunt has stacked in the garage? It might be worth seeing if there’s an audio receiver amongst them.

    An audio receiver is essentially three things in one – a radio, a preamp (inputs for plugging things in like Blu-ray players, CD players, turntables, streamers, etc) and an amplifier. A high-power receiver will let you play all your music loud and clear without any distortion.

    Audiophiles will pay big money for a receiver – eBay recently reported the Marantz 2600 selling for £4,700. Not bad for what might seem a boring and outdated silver box!

    4. Apple iPod Classic


    Value: £1,000

    The going rate for the 1st Generation iPod Classic is currently around £1,000 on eBay. Though you may see them listed for thousands, particularly if they come mint and boxed. Not bad for something launched in 2001…

    5. Sony Walkman TPS-L2


    Value: £515

    Guardians of the Galaxy fans will recognise this as the very same model Star-Lord uses to play his Awesome Mix Vol. II! And while you might be able to buy the Retro MP3 version for £24.99 at Argos, if you own an original, you’re in luck. That’s because it’s worth more than 20 times more, according to fan site Walkman Archive.

    The first mass-produced walkman, the TPS-L2 celebrates its 40th birthday next year, which might see its value increase even further.

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    Find any of these, and it could be a very merry Christmas indeed!

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