Feeling the squeeze: house on the, erm, snug side? You're not alone. Brits are living in some of the smallest homes in Europe

Think your house is small? Well, it's official, a new survey reveals that British families are living in some of the most cramped conditions in Europe...

Finding it a challenge to walk through your home without tripping over toys or bumping into things (honestly, when did that door appear?). Well, you're not the only one feeling spatially challenged.

New research from Cambridge University has found that the UK has the smallest homes by floor space area of any European country.

The study revealed that floor space in the average new-build property was 76 square metres, compared to 137 square metres in Denmark!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, researchers found that between a quarter and
third of people in the UK are unhappy with the amount of space they

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Researchers analysing data from 16,000 homes found that 55% of properties had less floor space than the London Housing Design Guide's internal space standard. Flats and terraced houses were the most likely to be too small.


'A lack of privacy resulting from lack of space can affect family relationships and prevent residents from entertaining guests and engaging in social activities in the home,' says Malcolm Morgan, co-author of the report.

'People have a strong emotional reaction to spaces and people's perception of their homes can affect their quality of life.'

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So why are we all suddenly feeling the squeeze? The removal of space standards in the 1980s, high value of land and low number of homes built by local authorities were all cited as reasons for the lack of space in UK homes.

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