Kirstie Allsopp divides the internet with this surprising wardrobe trick

Will you be giving this tip a go?
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  • The laundry must be up there as one of our least favourite chores. We’d give anything to return to the days when your clothes would turn up in a neat pile in our bedroom, courtesy of Mum.

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    These days we’re keen to do anything to prevent an unnecessary trip to the washing machine. Which is why Kirstie Allsopp’s latest tweet piqued our interested.

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    The Location, Location, Location presenter and property guru Kirstie Allsopp took to Twitter to ask: ‘Does anyone hang clothes in their wardrobe inside out to prevent dust/marks? Is this a thing?’

    To our surprise, and the Love or List it presenters surprise it turns out it actually is a thing! Twitter was alive with fans replying saying that they’d always done this.

    ‘I do that, and also hang them on the line inside out to prevent marks from the line, pegs or bee pollen dots showing on the outside,’ one user commented.

    ‘Always! Wash and iron that way too. Started as a way to preserve black jeans years ago and haven’t looked back!’

    ‘Yes, especially expensive ones and delicate fabrics.’

    The tip even found a few converts, who couldn’t believe that they’d been putting their clothes away wrong all this time.

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    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    ‘Nope. But it’s actually a good idea when I think about it.’

    ‘Never heard of it, but what a fabby idea.’

    ‘I don’t, but it’s not a bad idea for some clothes. Might start!’

    However, discussion of the wardrobe organisation technique quickly spiralled into a debate. Tweeters were quick to point out that if your clothes are gathering dust, it might be time for a trip to the charity shop.

    While other exclaimed that they didn’t have time to mess about with turning clothes the right way round in the morning.

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    ‘No time to faff putting things inside out and then faffing about to turn them the right way again!’

    ‘What’s your wardrobe for it not acting as protection? I don’t understand this. If your clothes get marked doing nothing but hanging up you’re doing something wrong.’

    In a later tweet, we found out the true motivations for the 47-year-old’s head-scratching question.

    ‘Thank you so much for the brilliant selection of funny and serious replies to my inside out clothes question, they made my day. Julie, our Love it or List it contributor who does do this, now knows she is not the only. (It would keep me awake at night tbh.)’ she wrote.

    While I’m sure it wouldn’t keep us awake at night, we’re still on the fence about turning our wardrobe inside out.

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    Do you hang your clothes inside out?

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