‘Think twice’ – Kirstie Allsopp sparks debate after warning against THIS popular paint choice for walls

Is it a nay for grey?

Another day, another homeware debate sparked by the lovely Kirstie Allsopp via Twitter. While the Location, Location, Location presenter has since clarified her position, her comments on the use of grey paints for walls certainly caused a storm in a paint pot when it was first posted.

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It all started with the comment below which warned against using any shade of grey to paint walls within a home, arguing that she had 'yet to see it done successfully'.

kirstie allsopp british television presenter

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Queue successive tweet, after successive tweet of proud homeowners who have done just this, and seemed more than a little miffed that their colour choice had been called into question.

In a later post Kirstie held firm to her position, commenting on a bedroom painted in a shade of what looks like dove grey. Kirstie revealed that while this shade looks great on furniture, carpets and more she worried that using 'large expenses of grey risk light loss'.

The owner of the room featured in the Tweet itself was the first to have their say, tweeting the below:

'The light was just for the pic. We’re lucky here that we have lots of natural light so grey works well. My conservatory is grey too and really peaceful and a happy place. I do have an off white living room & dinning [sic] room.'

This was followed by flurry of other contrasting opinions on the subject:

living room with sofa white table and book shelf

(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Brittain)

'Any colour that isn't white is going to absorb light rather than reflect it. there's no fundamental reason that a light grey would 'lose' light more that say a pale blue. Aesthetics are another matter...'

'Im sorry but that bedroom is lovely mine is similar in [the] bedroom you don't want light you need something tranquil and restful'

On the other side of the debate, many could see things from the property guru's perspective, whilst being careful to allow for differences in taste, saying:

'It depends what look you want. Some people like a cosy feel to their spaces. I personally agree, and wouldn't have grey on walls, or carpet for that matter but it's all personal choice at the end of the day.'

'I see a lot of decorator/fixer upper reno shows, and they all go for max light yet still have lamps & lights on for the reveal. I don't get it.'

Later Kirstie was keen to outline exactly what she meant advising homeowners that 'if going for grey, it needs to be very, very pale'  before adding that 'pale grey works outside, it’s inside that light matters more'. She also shared her top grey paint shade picks from the colour chart above.

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We never imagined grey paint could be so divisive – what's your reaction to Kirstie's comments?