From air plants to air-purifying – the new Lidl houseplants range has a variety for all!

These latest Lidl bargains really are a breath of fresh air
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  • While you’re out doing the weekly food shop this weekend, why not pick up one of the impressive Lidl houseplants on offer. Plant fans will be delighted to know the plants not only look great, some have added health benefits too.

    From air-purifying plants varieties to a fabulous ‘Flamingo’ air plant, there’s a plant for all.

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    Lidl’s houseplant collection is available in stores from this Sunday 19th. They affordable plants are only while stocks last.

    Pick up the new Lidl houseplants this weekend

    Lidl houseplants

    Image credit: Lidl

    With the growing trend for welcoming nature indoors these new plants are ticking all the boxes. Affordable, healthy and on-trend – what’s not to love?

    Costing from only £1.79 for the Aloe Vera plant, shoppers can choose from a selection of varieties which can help reduce humidity, the level of certain pollutants and improve air quality naturally.

    Lidl houseplants Flamingo plant

    Set a New Year’s resolution to keep your house plants alive this year? Make it a Lidl easier by picking up one of the air plants, for just £3.49.

    This Tillandsia, commonly known as the ‘air plant’, gets most of its key nutrients from the air. Other than the occasional watering, these hardy little plants are super-low maintenance. Perfect for those whose plant parenting skills might still need nurturing.

    We’re told ‘Tillandsia enjoy bright but indirect light’. Therefore best placed it in a south-facing window, to keep it happy and thriving.


    Lidl houseplants air-purifying range

    Set to rival the hugely successfully selling succulent, the hard-working air-purifying shrubs help to keep the air in your home toxin-free.

    Lidl’s air-purifying range include popular varieties such as Sansevieria and Peperomia (above). Along with the larger Aloe Vera,Monstera aka Swiss Cheese Plant (below) and Elkhorn Fern plants. Each comes in an elegant ceramic pot that’s sure to suit any home decor choice.

    In stores only: Air Plants, £3.49, Lidl

    Lidl houseplants




    Our top pick of Lidl’s new houseplant range is the Monstera, Cheese Plant, which in recent years has returned to an on-trend status. Popular back in the 70s and 80s this characterful plant has returned to popularity – largely thanks to the retro revival trends in interiors.

    From an aesthetic point of view, it’s a real show-stopper – especially in an attractive pot. A low maintenance plant with a lot to offer.

    In stores only: Monstera Plants, £4.99, Lidl

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    If you’re over the succulent trend, looking for the next – bigger – thing, you should head to Lidl on Sunday to explore the new varieties on offer.

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