Are grey kitchens falling out of fashion? Research reveals the new way Brits are choosing kitchen colours

We are looking on the bright-side

The colour grey will always be a go-to room scheme neutral but its crown is slipping as households are turning to pastel shades to adorn their kitchens. As we try to move on after a few gloomy years of lockdowns and lateral flow tests, mood-boosting pastel kitchen ideas are peeping through the grey clouds.

Research conducted by the UK’s leading kitchen specialist Magnet revealed that 42 per cent of households said they would overlook trendy grey kitchen ideas for more colourful hues. The research found that when it comes to designing home spaces, we would much rather create something which sparks joy over a space that is trendy and stylish.

kitchen with wooden flooring and sky blue cabinets

(Image credit: Magnet Kitchens)

The research concluded that more than 80% of Brits believe the colours in our home can have a positive effect on our mood. This is where those pastel shades come in. A third of those surveyed believe pastel colours are most likely to evoke feelings of joy and happiness. In fact 74 per cent even said they are considering a pastel palette in their kitchen.

Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet, said: 'It’s no surprise to us that we’re all lusting for colour as homeowners steer away from grey, but we are amazed at the consumer response to the connection between colour and wellbeing.'

kitchen with pink and white coloured and wooden chopping board

(Image credit: Magnet Kitchens)

Pastel kitchen colours are taking over from grey

White kitchen colours remain the most popular choice and grey cabinetry is still a classic, But it's refreshing to find that pretty toned kitchen schemes that include soft pinks,  minty greens and even lilac are not only getting noticed but taking over in sales. These fresh colours also make wonderful Scandi kitchen ideas to bring outside colour in.

As well as believing these colours improve our well-being (35 per cent) they also make us want to spend more time in our kitchens (27 per cent). Lizzie adds, 'Throughout the interior design industry and internally here at Magnet too, wellbeing has become a primary focus for design which is why it’s such a positive sign that homeowners are actively craving colour in the home for this specific aim.'

kitchen with wooden floor and wine glasses on white worktop

(Image credit: Magnet Kitchens)

'When people talk to me about pastels, they often speak of peacefulness and of creating calm in an increasingly chaotic world. They are a surprisingly versatile and transformative colour palette and have a wondrous way of turning drab grey spaces into something truly special. '

Magnet is so confident about the new trend for pastel kitchens they have launched a Perfect Pastel Range. Six shades including sky, rose bowl, seagrass, lilac blossom, washed cotton and pilot blue are available across three of its ranges.

Are you tempted to add a touch of pastel colour to your kitchen?


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