Award-winning chef Michel Roux Jr predicts the new essential kitchen gadget

In a few years time no home will be without one

When it comes to predicting what kitchen appliances are set to go mainstream, an award-winning chef is bound to have the inside track. According to Michel Roux Jr, a boiling water tap will soon be an essential in every kitchen.

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Boiling water taps have been around for a few years, offering a stream of hot water at the touch of a button. However, they are currently still a bit of a luxury, coming with price tags upwards of £100.

chef Michel Roux Jr with white coat

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But now is the perfect time to pick one in the Black Friday sales. If you're a fan of a brew but don't want to shell out a fortune take a look at these hot water tap deals.


Speaking to Ideal Home about instant hot water taps Michel Roux Jr said: 'I think they are great. I think they will come on stream. They will be part of everybody's kitchen in the future.'

We think he might be onto something. This year Google searches for instant hot water taps had increased by 25 per cent.

The average Brit enjoys a good cup of tea. However, this year our tea consumption has increased by two cups a day. So it's no surprise that many households are starting to see a hot water tap as a necessity, not just a luxury.

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Will your kettle for a boiling water tap?

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