Microwave sales 2022 – grab a Samsung, Russell Hobbs or a Panasonic at ultra-low prices

Get set to have your meals cooked in a flash, and at a snip with these fantastically affordable microwaves

Do you want a quick method to prepare and reheat meals? The microwave has become a modern day essential, by no means replacing the mighty oven but it does provide a speedy and convenient way to cover a multitude of everyday food preparations – from defrosting straight from the freezer and reheating pre-prepared meals to steaming vegetables.

Are you in need of a sweet microwave sale that gives you one that will cook your food quickly, but look awesome in your kitchen?

Available nowadays in a wide range of colours, from vibrant brights to retro cream, they can add a splash of happy hue to cooking. Popular in contemporary stainless steel finishes and modern black, there’s a style to enhance every kitchen worktop. And right there are seasonal sales to make this handy kitchen appliance even more affordable.

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Here's our rundown of the best microwave sales out there right now. Enjoy!

Best microwave sales 2022

Blue kitchen with microwave on worktop

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Argos microwave sales

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Panasonic 1000W Combination Microwave NN-CD87KSBPQ: was £349.99, now £309.99, Argos (opens in new tab)
This microwave and grill combination oven has one push reheating, for when you're in a rush. It has 1000w of microwave power and 1300w when the grill is on. Select from 30 different cooking programmes and it also has a defrost option for when you take dinner out of the freezer.

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Samsung 800W Standard Microwave MS23K3513AW: was £99.99, now £89.99, Argos (opens in new tab)
This 23 Litre, 800w Samsung solo microwave use three points of heat distribution to give you perfectly cooked dishes. It's handy Eco Mode lets you save on your energy bills too. And for peace of mind, it even comes with a 2 Year Warranty (upon redemption within 90 days of purchase).

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Panasonic 1000W Combination Microwave Oven 27L NN-CD58-Steel: was £249.99, now £219.99, Argos (opens in new tab)

Thanks to its slimline design, this Panasonic will slot into any kitchen. Another combination oven, you get 1000w of microwave power and 1300w for the grill. It has a child lock for your peace of mind and has a one-year manufacturers guarantee.

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Sharp 800W Microwave with Grill R662SLM: was £89.99, now £79.99, Argos (opens in new tab)

There are 11 power levels and a choice of weight or time defrost options on this discounted Sharp. The high performance 1000W quartz grill is great for browning food and adding flavour at the same time, or can be used as a stand-alone grill.

AO.com microwave sales

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Samsung MWF300G MS23F301TFK 23 Litre Microwave: was £139, now £110, ao.com (opens in new tab)

This Samsung unit has a 23 litre capacity and a 28.8cm turntable, so it’s perfect for large dinner plates. And with an 800w power output, your lunchtime snack will be ready in no time. You won’t have to worry about over or undercooking your food either, as the Automatic Programmes remove any guesswork by setting the right times and temperatures for you.

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Hotpoint Ultimate Collection MWH2621MB 25 Litre Microwave: was £169, now £149, ao.com (opens in new tab)

This Hotpoint comes with helpful auto cook programmes, which tailor the settings to different types of food - taking the hard work out of cooking. You’ll even be able to fit larger plates in the microwave as it has a flatbed design, which cooks without using a traditional turntable, giving you more space inside.

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Russell Hobbs Inspire RHM1731B 17 Litre Microwave: was £85, now £65, ao.com (opens in new tab)

With a 17 litre capacity and 24.5cm turntable, this Russell Hobbs microwave is ideal for small plates. The 700 Watt power output means you won’t have to wait long to tuck into a tasty ready meal either. And thanks to the defrost function, those burger buns will be ready in no time.

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Daewoo KOR6M17R 20 Litre Microwave: was £64, now £54, ao.com (opens in new tab)

A great choice for small kitchens, this 20-litre Daewoo has a 700 Watt power output and a useful defrost feature too. It has an easy-to-use control dial which makes it really simple to use, and also has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Currys microwave sales

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Kenwood K25MSS11 Solo Microwave: was £170, now £79.99, Currys (opens in new tab)

This Kenwood is over £90 off - an absolute bargain. The K25MSS11 boasts a 25-litre capacity and has a maximum microwave power of 900W. With its wide design and easy-to-open door, it gives you plenty of space to perfect your meal.

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Beko MOC20100S Compact Solo Microwave: was £69, now £54.99, Currys (opens in new tab)

If your kitchen has limited space for appliances, this Beko MOC20100S is the perfect fit. It won't take up much space, so you won't have to rearrange your kitchen to be able to fit it in. And with five different power levels, you'll always have the right setting no matter what you're heating up.

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Grundig GMF1030X Compact Solo Microwave: was £99, now £79, Currys (opens in new tab)

The GMF's auto-cook functions offer a pre-set menu which you can choose from to automatically set the cooking time - choose from nine options, depending on the type of meal. And try the multi-stage cooking function to defrost and cook the meal in one go, without having to change the settings.

Why do I need a new microwave?

storage shelves with groceries and microwave

(Image credit: Future PLC/Richard Gadsby)

In a nutshell, for ease. Crisp on the outside, moist on the inside delicious food cooked in a flash. With a good microwave you can expect golden roast chicken, fluffy rice, moist cakes, smoothly melted chocolate and perfectly refreshed leftovers. They've come a long way since they were first on the market, so it's no wonder that almost three out of four us say that we couldn’t live without their microwaves.

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Keen chefs will love the one with a special button for melting chocolate. Busy parents will appreciate cooking pizza in half the time without a soggy bottom. New models look better than ever, too and have space-saving designs, so you get more capacity but from a model that hogs less of the worktop.

Freestanding models are the most popular as you can just plug and play, but take up worktop space, so if that’s at a premium, consider a built-in model. It will need to be professionally installed but often has more features. Whatever configuration you go for, however, it will be a big step up from the models of old.

How much should I spend on a microwave?

Budget £100 for a microwave that will serve you well, but with the great offers on right now, you can get a decent model for around £75.

We think cheaper, supermarket own brand ones are a false economy. Budget up to £300 for a larger combi with all mod cons. And double that for integrated, but then you get much more cooking space and an appliance that genuinely doubles as a proper oven.

What capacity microwave do I need?

A white kitchen with white cabinets, natural wood counter, and white country sink

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Want to cook a whole chicken in there? You’ll need a decent capacity – anything over the 30-litre mark should take a family-sized bird. Smaller households will be better off with a model that takes up minimal space on the worktop, so exterior dimensions will be more important.

Most microwaves have turntables to ensure even cooking. But some newer designs have taken their lead from commercial kitchens and ditched them completely. These flatbed models use the latest technology to distribute the microwaves evenly without the need to turn the food. This frees up lots of space inside for big dishes, such as casseroles, and makes them easier to clean.

If your microwave does have a turntable, keep in mind that the given capacity in cubic litres may not account for space it takes up. Measure from the turntable up before you buy to make sure your dishes will fit.

Some microwaves also have shelves that allow you to cook on two levels. You’ll need to increase the normal cooking time or move dishes around, but it’s handy for preparing large quantities of food simultaneously instead of in stages.

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Happy shopping!