Are these the most stylish dolls house miniatures you’ve ever seen?

These tiny home interiors are so on trend they wouldn't look out of place in Ideal Home, but it is in fact stylish miniature decor for the modern doll house, and we can't get enough of them

Think of a dollhouse or dolls house and probably a dusty structure of Victorian rooms full of miniature mahogany furniture and a floral pint-sized sofa might spring to mind. Well, that is no longer the case as we've found these simply gorgeous tiny furniture pieces from Little Lucciola that are probably the cutest and smallest replicas of up-to-date homewares and iconic furniture pieces available in our life-size market.

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The mini icons are made by Dublin based craft addict, Bethan Rees, and sold through her Etsy shop, Little Lucciola. Bethan, as a child played by making miniature clothes for 'Borrowers' (the little people that live under the floorboards) on her mothers' sewing machine. Fast forward into adulthood and she is now creating modern miniatures and tiny furniture any stylish homeowner would love to own in their own home.

The dolls houses consist of contemporary rooms decorated in muted Scandi shades with modern decor inspired by popular home furniture brands such as West Elm, Loaf and Ferm Living. Bethan Rees, founder of Little Lucciola told us 'I love this new world of modern miniatures so much I started making and selling dollhouse items in my little Etsy shop. I started getting orders from around the world (the modern dollhouse trend is huge in Australia and the Netherlands!). I’ve noticed this craze is starting to hit this side of the world of late too which is so exciting!'

The tiny rooms have carefully thought out schemes with modern trends in mind. 'I absolutely love stalking Instagram for inspiration, I follow a lot of beautiful interior accounts which keeps me up to date with interior trends that are out there at the moment, I just love seeing how people style their homes. I really love the simple monochrome Scandinavian style homes but also those that use bold colours and prints.' We especially love the marble tiled bathroom with roll-top bath and contemporary oak vanity basin - a pocket-sized paradise, are there tiny candles too?

This light, bright living room has a swan printed sofa, jute poof and hang on isn't that? Yes, it's 'that' La Redoute Afaw Berber Style Rug!

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A Graham & Green style marble and gold table is a must-have right now!

The children's room is so 'right now' with a monochrome scheme and funky wigwam. Check out the cutest mini paper storage bag and Miffy lamp! In fact, this is how it all started. 'Little Lucciola grew whilst I was on maternity leave with my second child. I kept seeing dollhouses around and having two boys I decided I would start looking for a more ‘boyish’ house...I struggled to find something suitable so eventually, I decided to set myself a little project and style my own. I purchased an Ikea house shelf and worked on it whilst my little one napped, I gave it a monochrome makeover along with a chalkboard roof for colouring in, my 3-year-old son absolutely loved his new house!

As you may have noticed it's the attention to detail that is so appealing in these super cute schemes. Bethan has made perfect replicas of the gorgeous accessories we all search for in our own homes, like these wee, Sasse & Belle style planters teamed with dinky, monochrome Aztec cushions - Urban Edge!

You wouldn't believe it but at present Little Lucciola  is a side-line;  as well as making this fun-size furniture Bethan Rees is a mother and holds down a full-time job. To work around this she has come up with a clever, travel-size solution. 'I had a few requests for full doll houses but since these take a while to work on I began making smaller scale ‘dollhouse in a box’; a little dollhouse in a suitcase, these are so fun for kids to take on the move and can be personalised in a number of different ways. I have also worked with interior lovers/bloggers to create mini versions of their own homes.'

Buy now: A custom made, Little Lucciola suitcase starts from 70 Euros plus shipping. Bespoke houses based on a real home are 150 Euros.  Individual  miniature decor also sold separately.

'I love the fact that you can create a modern miniature for your home that you may not be able to afford in real life or even have room for in your own life-sized home! You can swap and change things around in miniature so easily the options are endless. The only problem I have now is everything I look at I wonder if it can be turned into something miniature! Friends and family keep little objects for me that they think may make a good table /lamp etc- I’ve got everyone involved!

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We wish we could miniaturise ourselves down to enjoy a cuppa in on of the Oliver Bonas style mugs in the teeny, tiny kitchen with Little Lucciola for a chat about out what stylish rooms and accessories will be created next...


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