Revealed: the most (and least) popular design trends across the UK

Plus, find out what style is most popular in your home city

Have a guess at what you think the most popular design trends are across the UK right now. Modern styles such as the industrial trend perhaps? And how about the least popular? Magnolia paint?

Recent research carried out by AXA Insurance has looked at design trends across the UK, and it has uncovered some surprising results.

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Participants from around the country were asked to choose their favourite design trends out of 40 options. And, while you might think we're a forward-thinking country when it comes to interior styles, it was traditional designs that came out on top. Wooden beams were the firm favourite, followed by fluffy rugs and blankets, feature walls, TVs in the bedroom and magnolia paint!

living room with sofa and grey chairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Even with more modern and exciting neutrals on offer, magnolia paint made it into the top five! That goes to show that we are creatures of habit here in the UK. And we thought it was all about grey these days!

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The least popular design trends? Aside from exposed brickwork, which we personally are huge fans of, we think the rest of these deserve their place in the hall of shame. Taxidermy came out as the least popular trend, followed by cluttered rooms (no thanks), carpet in bathrooms (yuck) and animal print (we’ll give this one a little more leeway…).

room with wooden table and brick wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/James French)

But results varied city to city throughout the UK. The research unearthed that many of our preconceptions regarding design trends in cities are incorrect. London, for example, is often thought of as the city that enjoys all things modern. However, the capital came out as the city with the most appreciation for Victorian/Heritage design.

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And based on the new architecture popping up across the city, you might think Londoners would also be the biggest fan of minimalist design. However cities in the north came out on top in this category, with people in Newcastle showing the biggest appreciation for minimalism, followed by Manchester and Leeds.

kitchen with blue and white counter

(Image credit: Future PLC/Richard Gadsby)

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People in Brighton & Hove were revealed to be the most fond of the Hipster trend, showing that some cities do lean towards their assumed tastes.