The nation’s dream home is revealed and it’s not what you might expect

What do we look for when it comes to a dream home?

When it comes to envisioning our dream home it's often paired with thoughts of winning the lottery! A new study of 2,005 Brits, carried out by Direct Line Home Insurance, reveals the extent of the gap between our dream homes and the actual reality for most, especially younger generations.

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The nation’s fictional dream home

 1. Tony Stark’s penthouse (Iron Man in case  you're not a Marvel fan)
2. Kevin McCallister’s house in Home Alone
3. Downtown Abbey
4. Wayne Manor (Batman's pad)
5. Uncle Phil's mansion, from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
6. Thunderbird's Tracey Island
7. Monica's apartment in Friends
8. Bag End from Lord of The Rings
9. 221b Baker Street from Sherlock Holmes
10. Carrie's Apartment in Sex and the City

Here's a list of the most sought-after features of our more realistic dream homes

Back to reality

Whilst the nation’s ultimate dream home may be fictional the study also revealed what features the perfect modern dream house should have. The ideal home was found to be a beach front property featuring an infinity pool (22 per cent selecting this as one of the features they’d most like), giant hot tub (22 per cent), fully equipped gym (21 per cent) and sauna (15 per cent).

beach house

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Malcolm White)

The Nation’s Dream Home location:

1. Beach Front
2. Private Caribbean Island
3. Cliff overlooking the sea
4. Forest
5. Town
6. Capital city
7. Mountains
8. Disneyland
9. Lapland
10. Floating at sea

Here's what we'd like to be in our dream home:

1. Infinity pool
2. Giant hot tub
3. Fully equipped gym
4. Hidden door leading to a Secret cinema
5. Sauna
6. Secret passages
7. Wine cellar

wine fridge

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Matthew Williams)

8. Technology controlled by artificial intelligence
9. Waterfall
10. Steam room

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Of the 2,005 respondents only eight per cent said that they were lucky enough to currently own their dream property. Those who aren't currently residing in their dream home sited the following reasons:
1. It's too expensive 56 per cent
2. It doesn’t exist 16 per cent
3. It would cost too much to insure 13 per cent
4. Not know if it is possible to exist 10 per cent
5. Still living with parents 9 per cent

'Direct Line Fast Response would certainly have come in handy for Kevin McCallister’s mum the day after she returned home to find the destruction he had caused to protect his house.' says Dan Simson, head of Direct Line home insurance.

Research conducted by Censuswide in February 2018 with 2,005 respondents


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