My home's better than your home: over half of us believe our property is more tastefully decorated than everyone else's

Do you have a strong sense of style when it comes to interiors? If you think your home is beautifully decorated, try asking the proud homeowners of Leeds and Chichester, who are upping the style stakes...

Not that it's a competition, but, if it was, it seems that most of us think we'd scoop the top prize when it comes to decorating our homes.

Today's sophisticated homeowners certainly have a strong sense of their own style, perhaps gleaned from home improvement shows in recent years.

According to a survey of 3,000 people for retailer HomeSense, over half of Brits (52%) believe that their homes are more tastefully decorated than their friends' and neighbours' houses.

living room with white windows and curtains

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Leeds residents claim to be the most style savvy (63%), closely followed by Manchester (59%), and those from Chichester (57%).

‘Brits are well known for their quirky, individual sense of style. What's new is their confidence,’ says aptly named interior designer Danielle Proud. ‘It's great to see homeowners being so confident with the looks and schemes they piece together.’


You might be surprised at the lengths some people go to to keep their beloved home perfect. For instance, would you ever deliberately break something, just to avoid having it on display?

Well, a crafty 5% confess to nudging over an ugly ornament they got as a present, while 17% of women have thrown out clutter belonging to their partner - without telling them. Now, now, girls.

traditional summer garden with green trees and wooden table with chairs

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The most common reason for updating a room is simply boredom, with 46% decorating because they were tired of the way a room looked, but a third admitted putting it off because of the expense.

Helen Gunter of HomeSense, says: ‘The UK is clearly more house proud than it's ever been as people's confidence in their own sense of style grows.

‘However it's easy to refresh our living environment with a few simple inexpensive pieces, such as cushions, artwork and accessories.’

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