These pan cleaning hacks using cola, tin foil and a 2p coin are genius

Lynsey, Queen of Clean has plenty of tricks to leave your pots and trays gleaming!
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  • Planning a tidy up this weekend? Well, if you missed this morning’s This Morning, we can fill you in on a few tips from cleanfluencer Lynsey Crombie, AKA The Queen of Clean.

    Using things you probably already have in your cupboard, Lynsey had some bright ideas for banishing dirt on a budget.

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    ‘It saves you rushing to the supermarket to buy stuff you don’t necessarily need,’ she told This Morning legends Richard and Judy. ‘And even the kids can get involved as you’re not using anything nasty.’

    Tin foil pan cleaning hack


    Image credit: TI Media

    ‘We’re starting with pots and pans,’ says Lynsey. ‘You’ve had a dinner party, left them on the kitchen worktop, and the grease and grime has built up.’

    With just a bowl of tin foil and a bowl of warm soapy water, Lynsey then magically cleans the greasy residue from a pan. ‘It saves you going out and buying a scourer which is not always that good for your pans,’ she explains.

    Lynsey dips the ball of foil in the soapy water, then uses it to scrub the pan like you would with a scourer. ‘It’s a little bit more elbow grease, but it definitely works and it’s great for protecting your pans, especially expensive non-stick pans where you can’t use harsh chemicals on them.’

    Cola pan cleaning hack


    Image credit: Simon Bevan

    An alternative to the tin foil hack is to poor flat cola into a dirty pan, bring it to the boil, and let the acid and sugars from the cola do the job. ‘It will bring all the dirt up, and then you just get a scraper and scrape it all off,’ says Lynsey.

    ‘It’s such a quick job as you can boil it up, leave it on the hob for half an hour and come back to it. It’s so easy!’

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    Copper coin baking tray hack


    Image credit: TI Media

    Lynsey’s next hack tackle those sticky baking trays that most of us throw away. ‘With a copper coin, just scrape off all that burnt-in food.’

    ‘Is it important that it’s copper,’ asks Judy?

    ‘Yes it is,’ Lynsey replies. ‘It’s something to do with the reaction with the dirt.’

    ‘Copper coins are great all around the house,’ Lynsey continues. ‘They’re great for keeping flowers alive in a vase for longer, if you pop one in the water.’

    Denture tablet hack for removing coffee stains from mugs


    Image credit: David Giles

    ‘I use denture tablets to clean my stained mugs,’ says Lynsey. Pop one in there, add water, leave to soak for 30 minutes to an hour, and it will lift all the stains.’

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    How many of Lynsey’s hacks will you be trying?

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