Leave windows gleaming with the 'game-changing' teabag cleaning hack

The last ingredient we ever thought we'd be adding to our cleaning kit is causing a stir on Facebook. Have you tried the teabag cleaning hack?

It's last ingredient we ever thought we'd be adding to our cleaning kit, but it is brewing up a storm on Facebook. Have you tried the teabag cleaning hack?

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We can honestly say the closest a cup of tea has gotten to our cleaning supplies is a relaxing brew after scrubbing the kitchen. But according to Hinchers on Facebook, a cup of tea is the secret ingredient to sparkling windows and mirrors.

The teabag cleaning hack

A savvy homeowner shared the tea cleaning hack on the Facebook group, Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips. The Hincher posted one photo of her glass microwave door after using glass cleaner and the other after using cold tea. Fans couldn't believe the difference.

Cleaned with glass cleaner

bathroom with wooden flooring mirror and dustbin

(Image credit: Tuesday Veal)

The post quickly clocked up 2.1 K likes. The hack has been labelled a 'game-changer'.

Since the initial post, the tip has been tried and tested by fellow Hinchers on mirrors, shower doors, windows and even an engagement ring!

Cleaned with cold tea

glass cleaner with white door teacup wine glass

(Image credit: Tuesday Veal)

The tea trick is not only incredibly effective but will also save you a fortune on glass cleaners with a pack of PG tips coming in at £3.

To try the teabag cleaning hack at home, steep one black teabag in a mug of boiling water. Wait for the tea to go cold. Some members of the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group recommend making the tea in the morning or a few days before.

before and after white sink and metal rod

(Image credit: Future PLC /Clare Raymond)

Then either dip some kitchen roll into the mug of tea or pour it into a spray bottle and mist your chosen glass surface. Wipe the tea over the surface and buff dry with a clean soft cloth. Now stand back and admire that shine.

If you're wondering what teabag to use, as long as it is black tea it should work the same. One post recommends using Yorkshire tea, but if you're a PG tips fan it should work just the same.

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Will you be giving the tea bag trick a go in your home?

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