Pastel storage crates are the affordable secret to a tidy home – here's where to get yours

Foldable? Tick. Stackable? Tick. Affordable? Tick. Pretty? Double tick.

It's official: pastel storage crates are the new trend that's all over our Instagram feeds – and for good reason. They're affordable, stackable, foldable and a pretty way to hide your things. Not to mention super versatile – you can use this storage pretty much anywhere in your home, no matter the size or shape of your space. These crates, much like the ones you might see in your local supermarket, are a great addition to a home office – perfect for these wfh home times – or they're handy for using under your bed, inside a wardrobe, or in a pantry. We could go on and on...

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If you're looking for a simple (read: smart) way to store your things, then the versatile pastel storage crate is it, whether that be your shoes, vegetables, important documents, pet items, the kids' toys – you get the picture. Keep scrolling for info on where to buy some crate storage of your own, and for more inspiration like the lovely setup below. Crate storage isn't just foldable but easy to carry with built-in handles, and for the label-obsessed among us, you can label them. Let's also not forget that although they are made from plastic, this does make them easy to clean and durable if used in a bathroom or kitchen, and they have air holes to make them breathable. *Adds 10 to our basket...*

Where to buy storage crates?

HAY Colour Crate

hay colour crate

(Image credit: Coggles)

Coggles sell HAY storage crates in all different colours – from soft pink to light grey, lavender and even khaki – and in a range of sizes, too. Perfect for all colour schemes, and they are obviously stackable and foldable. We love them styled on a bookcase like in the photo above, and would suggest the smaller ones for kitchen storage – for separating your crisps from your chocolate and your teabags from your coffee pods, or for use in your fridge. You could use the medium-size crates for wardrobe storage, bathroom storage or nursery storage – they might even fit in your chest of drawers to prevent your jeans from mixing with your leggings. As for the large boxes, these would fit perfectly under a bed – no need to hide storage when it looks this good. They sell these HAY storage crates at Coggles, as well as Amazon. Take your pick...

Buy now: HAY Colour Crate, from £6, Coggles

Buy now: HAY Colour Crate, from £7.86, Amazon

Grey and Pink Foldable Storage Crates: Pack of 2

grey and pink foldable storage crates

(Image credit: The Works)

If you are on a budget and you are looking for cheap pastel storage crates, then The Works is here to help. For just £5 you'll get 4 crates – two in pink, and two in grey. Yes, you did read that right! They are the perfect size for your kitchen cupboards, bathroom storage, or just for storing those random things in your home (things you find under your sofa cushions, important screws you don't want to throw away just in case). Buy a few packs of these and get your Marie Kondo hat on.

Buy now: Grey and Pink Foldable Storage Crates: Pack of 2, £4, The Works

Coloured Stackable Storage Crate

coloured stackable storage crate

(Image credit: Ajouter Store)

These stackable storage crates are sold by small business Ajouter Store, via Not on the High Street. They come in pink, green, blue and orange, and they are a perfect size – not too large, yet not too small. You could buy one of each colour to add a lovely rainbow to your nursery, or colour code them in your kitchen based on what's in there – orange for snacks, blue for bread items, green for condiments... you get it. Delivery is free!

Buy now: Coloured Stackable Storage Crate, Not on the High Street, £19.99

Where to use stackable storage crates? Scroll for inspiration...

Whatever you are considering using your crate storage for, we can supply some inspiration. Well, actually, these lovely Instagram accounts can! Check them out.

Pastel storage crates with Kallax? Whoddathought? We love this collab – and how perfectly they fit one another. A smart way to store things but also separate things at the same time, such as the kids' toys.

Clearly not just for practicality, this Instagrammer uses her pastel storage crates for decor on her shelving – and we are all for it. Subtle yet handy.

If you are currently working from home, or if your small business is set up in your home, then this is the storage solution you need to hide your paperwork, separating supplies and more – you can label them for easy access, too.

We are cheering for the use of storage crates under a bed – because not all storage is ugly and has to be hidden. Slide them out when you need them, using their handles, or you could even stack them depending on your bed height.

Using pastel coloured storage crates in a nursery is a no brainer – whether for holding nappies, dummies, teething toys or for separating their short-sleeved babygrows from their long-sleeve ones.

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We hope that some lovely new pastel-coloured storage is now in your shopping basket – we've certainly got our eye on some!

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