Phil Spencer reveals his top tip to boost the value of your home by £5000

Never underestimate the importance of kerb appeal
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  • If you’re looking to sell your house it’s a given that you are hoping to get the highest fee possible for it. We’ve rounded up some of Phil Spencer’s most cost effective tips on how to sell a house quickly and for the highest amount.

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    You might be um…ing and about what room to start spruce up first to entice potential buyers. However, according to Phil Spencer if you’re focusing on the inside you’re looking in the wrong place.

    Phil Spencer’s tips on how to sell a house

    Speaking to the presenter explained that those looking to sell should be focusing on the outside instead.

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    ‘Repainting the front of your home can cost as little as £1,000 but could add up to $5,000 to its value,’ he says sharing one of his tips on how to sell a house. ‘Brightening up the window frames your home looks well-maintained and help reassure buyers about the overall condition of the property.’

    Getting the painters into spruce up the front of your house isn’t the easiest home renovation. But it should prove cost-effective when boosting the price of your home by improving its kerb appeal.

    ‘The importance of “kerb appeal”, or the impression you get when first approaching the property from the street can’t be overstated,’ the property guru explains.

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    He went onto explains that first impressions are hugely important. While you don’t need the home to look brand new, making sure the house looks presentable will make buyers more likely to splash the cash.

    However, if you don’t have the time or funds to overhaul your houses kerb appeal, there are a few budget spruces that can improve first impressions and help a property sell more quickly.

    ‘Fitting a new kitchen could easily set you back £3,000, but you can create a similar impression for much less,’ he explains. ‘Making just a few small improvements to your kitchen could serve as the perfect recipe to breathe new life into what is arguably the most important room of the house.’

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    ‘If you have a particularly lime scaled or generally dull-looking tap, a shiny new one can cost less than £50, while new cupboard handles could only set you back a few pounds each,’ he adds.

    Another top tip is to seize the opportunity to clear out the property. An overly cluttered kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, will leave potential buyers concerned about a lack of storage.

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    So if you’re selling up, start calling the painters and channel your inner Marie Kondo. Then sit back and watch the offers roll in.

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