A disappointing August has caused more Brits to look for homes abroad

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  • Fed up with this so-called summer? You're not alone...

    Remember the glorious sunny days of June? With weekends spent picnicking in the park, pottering around the garden and al fresco dining? The early summer sunshine seems like a distant memory now, with grey skies and unpredictable showers spoiling the fun throughout July and August.

    The disappointing summer has caused sun-seeking Brits to dream of relocating abroad, where warm weather is a given. Searches on Zoopla for properties abroad have increased by nearly a fifth over the past five weeks of autumnal weather, compared to the previous five-week period of sunshine. Get us out of here!

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    Holiday home

    The most sought-after holiday home hotspots are the UK’s southern European neighbours – Spain, Portugal and France. However some Brits have been looking much further afield, with long-haul destinations such as the US, Jamaica and Canada making the list of the top 10 most searched for locations.

    These are the top 10 most searched overseas locations over the past five weeks:

    1. Spain
    2. Portugal
    3. France
    4. Cyprus
    5. United States
    6. Italy
    7. Ireland
    8. Jamaica
    9. Canada
    10. Greece

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    The popular Spanish resort of the Costa del Sol proved particularly popular, with a 44 per cent increase in interest, closely followed by the party island of Ibiza, which saw a 41 per cent increase in property searches.

    And what are people searching for from their overseas home? Data shows that Brits are looking for a place where they can make the most of the sunny weather. The most popular keyword search term is ’pool’, closely followed by ‘beach’ and ‘sea view’.

    Holiday home

    These are the most searched-for keywords for overseas properties:

    1. Pool
    2. Beach
    3. Sea view
    4. Garage
    5. Garden
    6. Golf course
    7. River
    8. Detached
    9. Villa
    10. Furnished

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    Moving abroad does seem like a very appealing option amid this unseasonably cool weather, but for those not quite ready to take the plunge, let’s hope for an Indian summer…

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