Paw-some! The surburban home that’s been given a £21,000 makeover to keep its 18 (yes 18!) moggie residents in the lap of luxury

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  • One crazy cat owner decided to renovate his home specifically for his cats, with slides, scratching posts and walkways.. all designed to entertain the 18 feline residents who have given their new home the paws up!

    Want a home with cat-itude? One moggie owner in California took his love of cats to the extreme – he’s just spent £21,000 converting his surburban house into a feline-friendly space, complete with slides, scratching posts and cat flaps.

    The owner has 18 cats and wanted to create a luxury haven for his beloved moggies.

    The bedroom features ladders and raised areas and there are there are cat flaps and cosy dens for the pampered pets to explore throughout the rest of the house.

    While we love the idea of a cat-friendly home with think the owner may have gone a tad overboard in the kitchen – where a circular green slide (which houses a scratching post) lets the cats land directly on to the work surface! I know, right? If you’re anything like us you’ll spend most your time trying to get them off the ruddy worktop!

    In the office space there’s a whole wall of ledges, to ensure the cats are happy and feline good (get it?) at all times.

    Even the artwork around the house is feline-themed, with statues and paintings of cats adorning every surface.

    The work was carried out by specialist firm Trillium Enterprises, in Santa Barbara.

    The company prides itself on meeting their client’s exact needs and, as you can see, they go much further than just putting in the obligatory West Coast swimming pool.

    From the outside, the Californian property look like any normal surburban home, and the large garden means there’s plenty of space for the moggies to roam about.

    Here at Housetohome, we are cat-obsessed, but this home totally freaks us out. And we’re definitely not sure about the all-yellow colour scheme. Is the owner furr-real?

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