Change your mornings forever with 'the world's best alarm clock'

If you're not feeling motivated to get up in the bleak January weather, you need this alarm clock...

If, like us, you're finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning after a relaxing two-week Christmas, hate waking to the sound of rain lashing at your window and hit the snooze button at least three times every morning, then we have found the answer to your morning struggles.

To break that vicious snooze button cycle (followed by the rush to get ready and the inevitable missed train), you need Ruggie, 'the world's best alarm clock'.

Ruggie, which is being funded by Kickstarter, is a memory foam mat that also acts as an alarm clock.

The cushy mat requires you to stand on it for three seconds before silencing to ensure you are fully awake whilst giving you some luxury padding underfoot.

You can customise the alarm clock to give you a personal motivational speech in whichever language or accent you want whilst you brush your teeth and find your socks.

And if you want to know the time in the middle of the night, just tap your toe on the mat and the digital clock will appear before switching off to not disturb your sleep again.

ruggie clever alarm clock

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After researching the sleeping patterns of successful athletes, entrepreneurs and politicians, the makers found those who wake early and seize the day really do catch the worm.

Barack Obama has six hours kip and runs the most powerful country in the world and Bill Gates gets just seven hours per night.

They found that the average American sleeps the equivalent of 26 years in his lifetime and that by waking five minutes earlier everyday (and not hitting that snooze button) you could gain 100 days to your life.


ruggie clever alarm clock

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So seize this January with 'the world's best alarm clock' and never be late again!

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