Is your local Sainsbury’s closing? As up to 55 stores shut their doors, here are 10 things we’ll miss

A firm favourite with the office, Sainsbury's will make sure you live well for less
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  • There are so many supermarkets on our high street now, but Sainsbury’s will always hold a special place in our, erm, kitchens.

    Yet sadly it was announced today that the famous brand will be closing up to 55 stores across the UK – and is going to shut 60-70 standalone Argos stores and move them into Sainsbury’s stores close by.

    Sainsbury’s – which was founded way back in 1869 by grocer John James Sainsbury – has yet to announce exactly what stores will be closing but we will update this article as soon as we know.

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    These are some of the things we’d miss if we didn’t have a Sainsbury’s on our doorstep.


    Image credit: Sainsbury’s

    1. They stock cast-iron pans that are similar to Le Creuset

    Sainbury's Home

    Image credit: Sainbury’s Home

    Perfect if Le Creuset is out of your budget. And let’s face it… it is pretty expensive.

    2. Sainsbury’s magazine is a great read

    Sainbury's shopping experience

    Image credit: SevenC3

    With delicious, easy-to-make recipes and top tips from TV chefs, what more could you possibly want? Oh Sainsbury’s magazine, how you do make my mouth water!

    3. You can share your favourite memories of the supermarket

    Yes, really. Sainsbury’s are recording peoples experiences with the store, from customers to previous employees. Have your say here. We think it is quite sweet, and who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia.

    4. You know the value of collecting Nectar points

    Every time you shop at Sainsbury’s, you can collect points to convert into points you can spend in store. Win-win!

    5. Their homeware is gorgeous! But you already knew that, right?

    Sainsbury's shopping experience

    Image credit: Sainbury’s Home

    Here at Ideal Home we always love a good supermarket homeware collection, and Sainsbury’s is no exception. Who knew!

    6. You can shop Sainsbury’s homeware at Argos if you search for Sainsbury’s Home

    Can’t make it to a supermarket? No problem!

    7. The TU clothing range is actually pretty good

    Sainbury's shopping experience

    Image credit: Sainbury’s Home

    When you first think of Sainsbury’s, you might not necessarily think of clothing, but you should!

    8. They really know how to take on trends

    Sainsbury's shopping experience

    Image credit: Sainbury’s Home

    The copper pans, brass barware and motif glassware are must-buys.

    9. Their Instagram is a delight to behold

    View this post on Instagram

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    Prepare to get hungry right here.

    10. The cake tins are great quality

    Ma Cutmore (mother of Digital Editor Amy) is a big fan of the heavy-duty muffin trays and cake tins. Her tasty lemon and chocolate sponges always turn out a treat.

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    If this list doesn’t want to make you go to Sainsbury’s, we don’t know what will. Can you think of anything else?

    Happy shopping!

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