Sarah Beeny shares her clever tips to combat supermarket plastic waste – would you do the same?

She's been Tweeting her thoughts on recycling

Property expert Sarah Beeny is always a great source for all things home-related. Turns out that even includes how to reduce our household plastic waste. She has recently taken to Twitter to share her ideas on how we can try to combat supermarket plastic waste.

Who else gets irritated with the amount of plastic waste produced from the weekly food shop? You get home, unpack all the produce, only to find a mountain of plastic packaging that instantly ends up in the recycling.

Sarah Beeny is on board with cutting out the waste at the source, as she unpacks the produce while in store. Leaving the plastic recycling in the hands of the culprits.

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In response to @GTTURBO's tweet suggesting we all unwrap and decant our shopping from its plastic packaging at the check out – leaving it for customer services, Sarah admits to doing just that.

Unperturbed by the 'odd funny look', Sarah removes items from the plastic packaging, saying she hands it all back. The unnamed supermarket takes it back and disposes of it directly.

supermarket plastic waste

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Sarah's tweet claims here in the UK we use enough clingfilm to 'wrap around the world 30 times'. That's a shocking amount of unnecessary plastic wrap that is easily avoidable.

One user suggests the more eco-friendly alternative of resuable Beeswax wraps.

A fellow tweeter, thinking outside the box, suggests someone should invent edible clingfilm. An idea shut down by Sarah who says,' Think it might not be possible'.

For a more practical solution, Sarah suggest the classic Tupperware. Which may still be plastic, but at least it's reusable – and therefore helping the plight against plastic waste.

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Will you be helping to wage a war on supermarket plastics? If we all do our bit the big chains surely have to take action?


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