78 per cent of home buyers are put off by this simple thing that takes a few pounds to fix

A new survey has revealed that smelly homes are deterring more than three quarters of homebuyers from putting in an offer. So it's worth doing something now

There is one blindingly obvious reason why your house might not be selling – and it doesn't take much time or money to remedy.

So what is the culprit?

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bedroom with wooden flooring and white wall and bed with cushions

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Well it seems a whole lot of sellers have gone 'nose-blind'. Because more than three quarters of buyers said smelly homes had put them off making an offer, according to research by online estate agents House Network.

Every house has a distinctive smell, and some are better than others. While there's no denying the joy a pet brings, we could do without that stink of wet dog, or cat litter. While any damp, mouldy smells – caused by the likes of wet washing – may convince a potential buyer that there's an underlying issue with the property.

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So what smells will sell? Strangely, our scent preferences differ from region to region. So while in London and the North East lime and lemongrass are favourites, lavender and geranium get top billing in the Midlands.

Founder of Houses Network Mark Readings commented: 'We have found that small improvements can really help give a positive first impression. The smell of a property is one of the first things a buyer comments on, it indicates whether a property has been well looked after.'

So true – having a good clear up, reviving tired paintwork and adding a few new cushions and throws will be sure to go a long way when selling a home. But lighting a scented candle or investing in a good diffuser may be all it takes to convince a buyer it's the place for them.

Having discovered lime to be a winning scent all through the UK, House Network commissioned Wild Planet to produce a zesty diffuser to give to sellers, which you can buy online now.

Nothing like the smell of success, eh?