Take a look around interior stylist Sophie Robinson’s beautifully bright home

Get ready for some serious colourful inspo

Whether you're craving a burst of colour to break up the scandal-inspired interiors on your Instagram feed, or you're looking for tips on how to brighten up your own home then you need a little Sophie Robinson in your life/Instagram feed.

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If you're not already a fan let us fill you in on the colourful interior designer. Sophie Robinson has some serious interior styling credentials after being in the business for over twenty years, 'I’ve designed literally thousands of room schemes as an interior designer,' she says on her blog. Her experience and talent lead to her being selected as a judge on BBC2's The Great British Interior Design Challenge, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and this evening she'll be returning to the telly as a guest judge on BBC2's Interior Design Masters (our new favourite show).

The interior stylist regularly posts shots of her home that she shares with her husband, Tom, and their son on Instagram. Why don't we take a look around?


Sophie Robinson's Instagram is full of clever tips and tricks on how to make a splash with just a few clever colour choices. If you flick through the before and after photos on this post you can see how updating a room can be as simple as adding a pink stair runner and a lick of blue paint. While we say simple, this colour combo is definitely something we'd never have considered on our own. In her caption Sophie says this is her favourite room in the house, and we couldn't agree more.

Extra shoe storage

The space under the stairs has been cleverly transformed into shoe storage with a bench for Sophie Robinson and her family to sit and lace up their trainers. If you are about to embark on redecorating your own hallway, step away from the magnolia paint swatches and perhaps consider something a little punchier.

Siting room

If you're anything like us you've probably stared in disbelief at home on Instagram that look gorgeous, but you're not convinced someone actually lives there. Well Sophie Robinson's home is one that we undeniably beautiful but you know is lived in, her home style has style and substance. She regularly posts #instasham shots of her home, showcasing the refreshing reality of smooshed scatter pillows and boxes of her sons lego lying around the living room.


We would never have considered this botanical wallpaper in the kitchen, but it works so well with Sophie Robinson's green cabinets. It's tempting to play it safe in a kitchen with natural cabinets and walls, but you will be spending so much time in this room why not follow Sophie's lead and fill it with all the colours, patterns and materials that you love.

We had to shine a special spotlight on the pink tiles behind the original oven that Sophie Robinson explains came with the house. We love the contrast of the modern sugary shade with the traditional cottage kitchen charm.


Sophie Robinson is a self-confessed colour and pattern addict as show in this post featuring her bedroom. Surprisingly she admits that she used to be a white bedlinen snob, but after picking up these gloriously multi-coloured bed linens from @societyofwanderers an Australian brand, she's been converted.

Son's room

If you're planning to redecorate your kids bedroom as a special back to school treat, then be sure to follow Sophie Robinson's advice: 'You MUST let your child have creative input.' This bright colour scheme was chosen by her son. She points out that coincidentally it works really well with the rest of the house, but even if it doesn't it's important to help your child express themselves in their room.

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What is your favourite room in Sophie Robinson's house?

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