Why you should never place your fridge in this part of the kitchen

Experts reveal this unexpected reason to change our kitchen layout

Spring isn't typically a month where we give much thought to our energy and heating systems, because let’s face it – we hope they won't be as necessary. However there's still a saving to be made with some savvy spring energy saving tips.

Like moving the fridge! Intrigued?? It's one of the unexpected ways you can save money on household bills – by being more energy-efficient during the warmer months.

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Boiler Plan reveals five simple yet smart ways to reduce your household bills...

5 unexpected spring energy saving tips

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1. Never place your fridge in direct sunlight

Avoid the most sun-filled area of your kitchen. The experts suggest, 'If possible, try and place your fridge/freezer in a cooler area of your kitchen as if it’s placed in direct sunlight, it has to work harder to cool down.' Who knew?!

Another top tip, avoid empty some space in your freezer. This also means it has to work as harder to freeze the contents. Perfect excuse to stock up on ice-creams throughout summer.

2. Turn your heating ON during the hotter months

Did you know that boilers can ‘seize’ up if they’re not used regularly? Making them ever more likely to pack up at the end of summer due to long periods of inactivity.
This is why Boiler Plan recommends 'turning your heating on for 10-15 minutes per week throughout the hotter months – as it could save you the cost of a boiler (up to £3,600) in the long-run.'

3. Dry clothes on the line

washing line with clothes

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Make the most of the warmer weather and hang freshly laundered clothes out to dry. This simple act can save you a tidy sum over the summer months.
Boiler Plan say, 'With the average tumble dryer full cycle costing 38p, if you were use it once every day from 1st May – 30th August, that would cost £46.36.

4. Use windows to trap cool air

Too hot? The obvious choice is a fan, but they use energy. Plus whilst a cool fan can lower your body temperature, it’ll do nothing for the heat inside a room.

Boiler Plan instead suggest you should use windows as best you can. They say by opening it as wide and as safely as possible, you'll be able to release hot air and welcome a natural breeze.

5. Keep hot water switched on

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The experts suggest keeping your hot water on in summer, even if only on a low setting. Explaining, 'Not only will this allow you to have hot water for baths and showers, it’ll refrain pumps from seizing up – which can cause a broken system come the colder months.'

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Will you now be moving the fridge?


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