Spruce up your doorstep for spring - 4 great buys

Give your home instant kerb appeal with a quick spruce up and 4 great buys

It's that time of year. Come the end of March everything in the home seems to take on a dog-eared, sagging, slightly unloved look about it. Every room in the house is in on it; crying out for a
declutter and a rethink. Suddenly we're all fighting the urge to spend whole weekends clearing cupboards, sorting the keepable from the recyclable and the unforgiveable, and scrubbing surfaces of every description.

Yes: the spring cleaning guilt trip is upon us. So why not break yourself in gently and start with one of the easiest areas to sort - your doorstep. After all, there's a lot to be said for a quick spruce up around the front door and facing the world with a bright, gleaming frontage.

We've found 4 great buys to boost your kerb appeal and cheer the soul.

french enamel door numbers with white numbers on blue plates

(Image credit: TBC)

1. French enamel house numbers, £16 each, Pardon My French

Ok so you may not live in France, but who cares? The Art Nouveau typeface of these fabulously French house numbers is a joy to behold. The classic blue enamel with white border and numerals will add instant Gallic appeal to the exterior of any property.

house with grey wooden door blue walls and grey pipe

(Image credit: TBC)

2. Down Pipe front door paint, £58 for 2.5 litres of Exterior Eggshell, Farrow & Ball

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders kerbside and is a splendid sight for visitors, bringing a much loved feel to the exterior of a house. Of course Farrow & Ball is the place to go for classic front door shades. We love Down Pipe grey, shown here teamed with Blue Ground Masonry Paint. For more front door inspiration check out the company's Pinterest page.

door mat in grey colour with geometric pattern

(Image credit: TBC)

3. Renaissance rubber doormat, around £58, Overstock

When it comes to wiping your feet at the door, why have the bother of wrought iron when you can buy no-need-to-paint-it rubber? This fabulous non-slip doormat is awash with intricate scrolling 'metalwork' and you'd never know its rubberised origins until you actually stand on it. Perfect for period homes.

faux trees in grey wooden box with mud

(Image credit: Evergreen Trees & Shrubs)

4. Artificial Boxwood Cone Topiary trees, £59.50 each, Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

If you love the look of topiary, but lack the will for watering, feeding and clipping why not go fake? No one will notice. These little beauties stand proud at 4ft tall and are made from silk, plastic and latex. They come as standard in the planters pictured, but others are available too.