The two reasons why everyone should be talking to their plants

It's not just an old wives tale

If you've ever caught your friends or family talking to plants, you don't need to worry about their sanity. They are simply helping the plants to grow quicker.

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A study by the Royal Horticultural Society discovered that far from being an old wives tale, talking to you plants really can help them grow faster.

Does talking to plants help them grow?

In fact, the study even found that female voices caused plants to grow fastest. The plants played female voices grew an average of an inch taller than those listening to a male voice.

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Several other studies have found a link between the human voice and plant growth. However, regularly chatting to our houseplants is still something many of us are reluctant to do.

A survey by Stoneside found 30 per cent of plant owners never talked to their leafy companions. With a further 15 per cent claiming they do, but do so rarely.

However, 55 per cent of gardeners did admit to sometimes or regularly talking to their plants. 43 per cent of respondents even claimed to have named their plants.

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The Baby Boomer generation was found to be the most chatty when it comes to talking to their plants, with 59 per cent admitting to doing so. But Generation X wasn't far behind with 56 per cent and Millennials with 52 per cent.

Based on the RHS's findings in 2009, it comes as no surprise that those who talk to their plants considered themselves good at gardening.

Out of those who sometimes or regularly spoke to their plants, 86 per cent considered themselves good at gardening. While only 54 per cent who never talked to their plants, considered themselves good gardeners.

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However, talking to your plants won't only help them to thrive, but it can also boost the stress-busting effects of gardening. People who took the time to chat with their leafy pals were found to be 3.5 times more likely, than those who didn't, to say gardening had decreased their stress levels.

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So if you're tomato plants are withering, or you are struggling to switch off after work, it might be worth starting up a conversation.

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