Top 10 emerging garden trends for 2021 – inspired by Instagram

Gardening has never been so on-trend
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  • Any outdoor space has been a saviour of late. Reflected by the fact gardening has experienced an unprecedented surge, with Google data showing an impressive 39 per cent increase in online searches, year-on-year.

    From making quirky squirrel picnic tables to taking on last year’s top trend of growing our own fruit and veg, we’ve become a nation of budding green-fingered amateur gardeners.

    The team at Love the Garden have analysed over 100 different garden-related hashtags on Instagram, to uncover the growing trends.

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    Top 10 emerging gardening trends for 2021

    1. Balcony gardening

    Balcony garden with bistro table and chairs

    Image credit: Emma Lewis

    Not having a garden hasn’t stopped budding fans from getting stuck in – as the number one trend of #balconygardening shows. From potted plants to trailing tendrils, balconies are getting greener by the day.

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    2. Wild gardens

    A wild garden is the less polished version, but don’t be fooled it can still involve a lot of hands on gardening to get the look right. but it’ll be time well spent, creating the perfect ‘imperfect’ outdoor space.

    wild garden

    Image credit: Charlotte Coward-Williams

    It’s also a popular choice for welcoming wildlife with planting choices. For more on this read Wildlife garden ideas – how to turn your outdoor space into a haven for wildlife.

    3. Inside outside

    Outdoor living room idea zoned garden

    Image credit: Rei Moon

    This trend, as the name suggests, is about seamlessly blending the indoor with the outdoor. From outdoor rugs that make the patio feel like an extension of our living rooms to garden mirrors, this trend is one that is set to grow and grow.

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    4. Tiny gardens

    small garden lawns

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Small but mighty, tiny gardens are being seen thanks to the #tinygarden trend. This is about making the most of what you have, and being able to appreciate the value of any outdoor space – no matter how small.

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    5. Raised bed gardens

    garden with raised flower beds

    Image credit: Rebecca Pow

    With both garden zoning and grow your own, raised beds are growing massively in popularity. Look out for some fine examples on Instagram using #raisedbedgarden.

    6. Permaculture gardens

    cottage garden outdoor potting bench

    Image credit: Rachel Whiting

    As sustainability influences our everyday choices more and more it’s great to see the rise in popularity for #permaculturegarden. This is quite simply a more holistic approach to gardening, living off the land – where the elements provide all the resources needed to do so.

    7. White gardens

    White garden planting with white walls

    Image credit: Future Plc

    This trend is The White Company of gardens, where a serene scene of all-white creates the perfect garden retreat. Search #whitegarden to behold a whole host of inspiration.

    8. Window sill gardens

    Pub orig. Kitchen sink, modern and vintage style, potted narcissi, window with cafe curtain

    The #windowsillgarden is another trend proving that space isn’t an issue when it comes to gardening. If all you have is a window sill, filling it with plants is the current trend – especially herbs in the kitchen.

    9. Grey gardens

    Grassless-garden-ideas-gravel with pallet benches

    Image credit: Future PLC

    Consider it the Mrs Hinch-effect, grey is taking over our gardens now too, as well as our interiors. From grey painted fences to all-grey everything, when it comes to furniture and furnishings #greygardens are trending.

    10. Cottage gardens


    Image credit: Tim Winter

    The classic cottage country garden is a popular choice, as #cottagegardens are on the rise. Could this be as a result of wanting to escape to the country? Whatever reason, a garden filled with cottage-inspired plants and flowers is always going to offer an idyllic space to enjoy.

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    Which of these garden trends is your favourite?

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