Keep homes safe with pet-friendly houseplants – expert reveals toxic plants to avoid with animals

Make sure your plant choices are safe around your pets

These days, a household doesn't feel complete without a beloved pet. Whether a faithful dog or a cherished cat, our furry friends become members of our families. And their comfort and best interests within the home are paramount.

Another thing we seem to be welcoming into our homes more and more is houseplants. But did you know that some houseplants are in fact toxic to animals? And although we don't encourage our animals to start chewing the plants, pets will be pets – and they may at some point try.

That's why it's best to be on the safe side and avoid those plants which are not safe for animals.

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Plant experts Leaf Envy have curated a collection of pet-friendly houseplants especially to help pet owners fill their homes with foliage that is animal friendly.

two dogs with brown hairs and plants

(Image credit: Leaf Envy featuring Buddy & Beau (@buddythedappleddachshund))

'While most cats and dogs don't go around eating plants all day, they might do if they get bored or aren't trained not to,' says Beth Chapman, found of Leaf Envy. 'And some plants are poisonous to pets if ingested. Common examples of houseplants known to be toxic to pets include the Peace Lily, the ZZ Plant, Snake Plant and the Rubber Plant.’

'So if you want to be super safe browse our collection of over eighteen curated pieces, including all of the plants non-toxic to pets'.

The plants Leaf Envy say are most favourable for households with pets are some of the most popular – including Boston Ferns; trending Calathea Orbifolias and Chinese Money Plant.

Pet-friendly houseplants

1. Calathea Orbifolia

Known for its air purifying qualities and striking large leaves, this trending plant isn't toxic to pets – in fact it improves their environment. As Beth confirms,
‘For any pet parents out there - this houseplant is non-toxic & oh so friendly!’.

brown dog with belt on neck in plants

(Image credit: Leaf Envy)

2. Boston Ferns

As one of the most versatile plants around it’s clear to see why ferns are a popular choice, characterised by the long, spiky leaves. These plants love hot and steamy conditions – therefore are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. They cleanse the air from pollutants, can help you sleep, and are pet friendly.

3. Chinese Money Plants

Nicked named the 'pancake plant' due to its thick spoon-shaped leaves (below, far left). This delightful foliage is the perfect indoor plant – it can grow in artificial light as well as it can in sunlight. It too aids with air purifying  and is safe to have around your pets. And not that we'd wish them to chew on the leaves, but this plant is notorious for how fast it grows – a bonus if it does get too tempting to much on.

brown dog with neck belt and plants pot

(Image credit: Leaf Envy)

See the full list of pet-friendly houseplants on Leaf Envy.

Ahhh let's just take a moment to enjoy these adorable dogs among the foliage! This handsome Hungarian Vizslas stands surrounded by plants, with the owners safe in the knowledge that none of the plants are toxic.

Not that houseplants should be eaten of course, but it's better to be safe than sorry. It's just an excuse for us to enjoy pictures of pets and plants quite frankly.

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Will you be assessing the plants you have in your home, for the sake of your four-legged friends?


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