Tenants would pay MORE rent for these features

Would you increase this key monthly payment to create the rental property of your dreams?

Paying as little rent as possible is normally the dream for a generation of tenants.

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But now new research has revealed that renters are prepared to forgo any budget concerns and push their finances in order to get the features they want in their home.

building exterior with white wall and balcony

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Faraway Furniture analysed the latest findings from LSL Property Services plc — who surveyed 3,752 Brits who rent privately — and found that 43 per cent of those questioned would be prepared to pay an extra £12 for laundry facilities, while 42 per cent would pay £14 for access to a communal garden or outdoor space.

Other items tenants would be happy to part with more cash on a monthly basis for are as follows:

desk area with grey wall and white desk and chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Brett Symes)
  • Gym (50 per cent, +£16)
  • Roof terrace (36 per cent, +£14)
  • Vegetable allotment (35 per cent, +£11)
  • High-speed internet (31 per cent, +£19)
  • The ability to have pets to stay (32 per cent, £24)
  • Guaranteed parking space (29 per cent, +£20)
  • Allocated storage space for bikes (6 per cent, +£10)

pets with cushion

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Commenting on the findings, Naomi, the Managing Director of FarawayFurniture.com said:

‘To get on or climb the property ladder is certainly more difficult than ever before. With sky-high prices being the biggest obstacle to homeownership, many have had no option but to rent instead. Consequently, as Brits increasingly warm to the prospect of treating a rental property as a long-term living solution, they also develop a strong desire to make any rental home or flat they consider moving into as homely as possible.

‘To achieve this, a readiness among renters to shell out a premium for a range of features and facilities. Conclusively, this research provides a real insight into the features and facilities Brits are prioritising in their renting criteria.’

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Which rental amenities are at the top of your wishlist?