The perfect hideaway: lakeside cabin where Howard Hughes threw scandalous parties and entertained Marilyn Monroe is up for sale

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  • If only the walls could talk! We couldn't resist a peek inside the home of notorious recluse Howard Hughes, which is now up for sale

    Fancy a room with a view? A beautiful log cabin overlooking a spectacular lake in Nevada, previously home to American businessman, aviator and filmaker Howard Hughes, is up for sale for $19.5 million.

    Cheap for a slice of American history!

    Hughes, who spent much of his later years living in isolation (and eating rather a lot of Baskin-Robbins Banana Nut ice cream if the stories are to be believed), bought the house in the 1950s and it became the location for his notoriously wild parties and lavish entertaining.

    With famous visitors such as Marilyn Monroe, the walls of the quaint log cabin could probably tell a tale or two.

    Known locally as Summertide, the log cabin was built from local timber
    in 1934 and it still has a quaint, woodsy feel, from the country-style
    kitchen to the chintzy bedrooms. But the lakeside location, in picturesque Lake Tahoe, is film-set worthy.

    The lifelong aircraft enthusiast and pilot was clearly a fan of wide
    open spaces and the uninterrupted lake views are worth the price tag alone.

    Nearly every
    window looks out on to the crystal-clear waters and the master bedroom has triple-aspect glazing, guaranteeing
    jaw-dropping scenery.

    ‘It must have been the ideal hideaway for Hughes,’ Karen Bruno, of Chase
    International, told the ‘He had become fairly reclusive by the time he
    bought the property in the early 1950s. The estate offers spectacular
    views and luxurious details in a very private setting.’

    But that’s not to say the solitary Aviator didn’t pay the odd social visit every now and again. According to the site, Hughes ‘was known to cross the lake for high-stakes card games with Ty Cobbs and George Whittell.’

    Listed on, the property sits in five-and-a-half acres and boasts all the usual celebrity prerequisites with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, extensive balconies, a pier and a meadow. Because everyone needs their own pier and meadow!

    The rooms have beamed ceilings and stone or slate floors – perfect for the American country look. And if you’re planning to throw the odd party of your own, the house even comes with a guest cottage and garage space for four cars. Presumably guests could arrive by boat, too, if they preferred.

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