The magic pillowcase that spells the end of bad hair days and gives you radiant skin

How the power of silk can turn a night's rest into true beauty sleep

Can a pillowcase make you look all the more radiant? Not just any pillowcase of course, we're specifically talking about a silk pillowcase that can effortlessly boost your beauty regime.

A spokesperson at The White Company tells us, 'Silk pillowcases are recommended by dermatologists as an anti-ageing tool as they help skin keep its natural moisture.'

It's well worth considering upgrading from cotton to silk, it seems. 'Due to its lower absorption, all of your creams and serums will not be absorbed from your skin onto your pillow.'

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Benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase?

white silk pillowcase

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An expert at The White Company shares all the health credentials. 'Containing the same naturally occurring proteins as your hair, silk is thought to keep locks strong, shiny and healthy. The sleek surface also reduces friction and static, meaning hair stays softer for longer.

'But the assumed benefits do not stop there; silk also helps skin to retain its moisture, and is a soothing choice for people with sensitive skin, or allergies.'

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With 5/5 reviews, the results speak for themselves;

'Excellent product. After being skeptical I was blown away at how after a nights sleep on the silk pillow case it makes your hair and skin feel and look great.’

‘I have only slept once with the silk pillow case but my hair was far less stressed than when I use cotton pillow cases.’

‘A must buy and my pure bit of luxury in my bedroom. Quality is very good and the wash really well.’

white pillow case and pillowcase cover

(Image credit: The White Company)

Silk pillowcase are said to reduce frizz and keep your hair smooth and shiny. It's claimed because 'silk has the same naturally occurring proteins as your hair. The silk avoids friction and static.' No more bed head days when sleeping on silk pillowcases, then.

Another benefit is that silk keeps us cool. Therefore, your pillow will remain cooler for longer as silk is not a good conductor for heat. So if you are always flipping your pillow in order to rest your head on a cool surface, you'll love a silk pillowcase.

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Simple bedding solutions are a far cheaper alternative, and less invasive, than costly lotions and potions.

Are you already a fan of silk pillowcases? Or are you ready to be converted?


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