The shocking amount the average household spends on unused kitchen gadgets revealed

How many of your kitchen gadgets are gathering dust?

A spiraliser and pasta maker are just a few of the kitchen gadgets we've all brought with best of intentions. However, if we're being honest, when was the last time you used them?

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New research by Tap Warehouse has revealed that the average UK households own £822 of unused kitchen gadgets. That is a lot of items gathering dust and taking up kitchen cupboard space.

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If you're guilty of jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon and investing in a spiralizer to whip up courgetti in place of your regular spaghetti. But have still yet to use it. You're not alone, 17 per cent of people admitted to doing the same thing.

Better yet have you been influenced by Master Chef to purchase a pestle and mortar and have yet to take it out of its box? One in seven Brits admitted to purchasing kitchen gadgets recommended on their favourite cooking shows.

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At an average price of £17, it isn't a huge expense. However, think how much pre-made pesto or already ground spices you could have brought for that.

Overall, the nations most unused kitchen gadget was found to be a cafetière. One in four owners of a cafetière admitted that they have never used it.

A pestle and mortar came in as the second most unused gadget, with 22 per cent owners admitting to never using it. While the spiralizer came in third.

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The most expensive unused item in the top 5 least used kitchen items was a juicer. Despite having an average cost of £407, 15 per cent of owners admitted to never using it.

However, the recent lockdown might have changed attitudes to these unused gadgets. While restaurants and cafes were closed down, the UK saw a boom in Brits starting to cook from scratch again.

It seems the homemade bread trend is going nowhere soon. A bread maker came was claimed the top spot on the nations kitchen gadget wishlist.

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Do you have any unused gadgets lurking in your kitchen?

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