Are you brave enough to try the bonkers upside down Christmas tree trend this year?

Christmas is about to get a bit topsy turvy

The latest Christmas tree trend to sweep across Instagram, is even more bonkers than the 100s of people who have already decorated their Christmas tree. Let us introduce you to the upside down Christmas trees trend.

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The upside down Christmas trees trend has been growing in popularity over the last few years. This year the trend has peaked with people already posting shots of their upside down Christmas trees already bedecked and sparkling in their homes.

Over the last five years google trends has seen a growing search for upside down trees as soon as November hits. We predict that this year isn't going to be any different. 6,577 posts have already been tagged #upsidedownchristmastree on Instagram.

While on the surface the topsy-turvey tree trend might seem a bit at odds with tradition, it is infact more traditional than a standard tree.

The upside down Christmas tree goes way back to when the Christmas tree was believed to be invented by Benedictine Monk, Boniface, in the 7th Century. Much later in the 19th Century, it wouldn't have been uncommon to find a Christmas tree hanging from the rafters because there wasn't always enough space in the home.

Two centuries later, the main reason this new Christmas tree trend has caught on in the home hasn't changed – space. Not only is the upside down tree eye-catching, but it is also great for those lacking floor space in their living room for a normal tree.

If you are keen to try you're hand at the gravity defying Chritmas trend Argos has you covered. The high-street giant is selling a 7ft pre-lit upside down Christmas tree.

7ft pre lit upside down christmas tree

(Image credit: Argos)

Buy now: 7ft Pre-Lit Upside Down Christmas Tree, £190, Argos

The tree is attached to a sturdy base so will stand up in a room like a normal tree, but give the illusion of hanging from the ceiling.

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Now all that's left to work out is where the tree-topper goes...

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