This genius 59p hack will have your vacuum cleaner working as good as new

Banish the hair clog

A cleaning blogger has finally given us the vacuum cleaner hack we all need to help clear up pesky hairs. Hair is lovely on your head, less lovely when it's clogging up your drain or worse your vacuum cleaner.

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If you have a vacuum cleaner with a roller bristle brush head you will know the struggle of it becoming clogged with hair. It might have gotten so bad you have given up using it altogether.

59p vacuum cleaner hack

However, cleaning blogger Mrs D's Cleaning Reviews has revealed how you can get your vacuum working as good as new, thanks to her 59p vacuum cleaner hack.

Her secret weapon? A 59p stitch picker from Home Bargains.

room with white wall vacuum cleaner and wooden flooring

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Cleaning fan Kelly, who posts on the Instagram page Mrs D's cleaning reviews explained in a post: 'I'm sure a lot of people have a vacuum roller bristle brush like this that looks exactly the same, it's clogged with hair.'

'There are many different tools on the market that will help you remove the trapped hair in the bristles of your vacuum roller,' she continues. 'Some work better than others and some of them can be a little pricey too.'

Luckily, Kelly has a budget, but effective solution.

'This solution only costs 59p from @homebargians and its something that is designed for tailors and for people who sew. It's a stitch picker,' she writes.

'The stitch picker glides through the tangled hair so easy, and it's the only thing I will use to remove the hair from my vacuum roller,' she adds. 'You can find it in the sewing section at Home Bargains for just 59p.'

Fans were enamoured with the vacuum cleaner hack commenting:

'This is genius'

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'I have so many of these little tools in my sewing kit and long hair is the bain of my life! Thank you.'

'Brilliant idea! I have to de-hair my shark every week with the amount I shed.' reviews have 29.2k followers and regularly posts top tips on keeping your home spic-and-span.

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Will you be trying this vacuum cleaner hack?

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