Wave goodbye to limescale with the £1.49 toilet cleaning hack dazzling the internet

Pull your marigolds on

If you are stuck with unsightly limescale in your loo, then you need to try this easy toilet cleaning hack.

However vigilant you are with the bleach and toilet brush sometimes there is no escaping unsightly limescale. So we were overjoyed to discover a toilet cleaning hack that promised to leave our toilet limescale free and looking as good as new.

Put the bleach and the best cleaning products aside, for this hack, all you need is a pair of rubber gloves and a pumice stone. Yes, you heard us, a pumice stone that you can pick up from the local pharmacy for as little at £1.49 is all you need in the final stage of cleaning the bathroom.

Toilet cleaning hack

The genius hack was shared by Andrea Shortt on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains. In her post, she explained that since moving into her new homes she struggled to get the toilets clean.

toilet with white comord

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'Since moving into my new house a year and a half ago the toilets in the house have always annoyed me. I'm guessing the people before didn't clean the toilets much!' she writes.

After trying everything including scrubbing and bleaching, she almost gave up and started looking to replace the toilets. Luckily, she stumbled upon a podcast with cleaning guru Aggie McKenzie who calls it one of her favourite cleaning hacks.

'While listening to Jenny Eclair and Judith Holders, Older and Wider podcast with Aggie McKenzie they were talking about removing limescale from the toilet,' Andrea explains. 'A pumice stone! It doesn't scratch or damage.'

Simply pop on a pair of marigolds and scrub the inside of the toilet with the pumice stone – Andrea picked hers up for £1.49 at the local pharmacy. Not only is it incredibly effective, but it is also eco-friendly using no chemicals or nasties. You can pick a pumice stone for £2.99 on Amazon as well as at your local pharmacy.

cleaning the dirty toilet

(Image credit: Future PLC/Andrea Shortt)

When Andrea shared a photo of the before and after, members couldn't believe the results. The post clocked up 53,000 likes and 17,000 comments including:

'Such great advice, thank you'

'Amazing. Thank you!!!!'

One member even tagged her friend and offered to help her out with cleaning her loo, writing 'I'll buy you rubber gloves and pumice stone for your new place, we'll make you loo sparkle x'

Will you be trying this toilet cleaning hack?

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