Mrs Hinch’s ingenious cleaning hack will leave your mirrors gleaming for just £7

Shining and streak-free
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  • Hold on to your hats – or more accurately your Minky – Mrs Hinch has unveiled a new mirror cleaning hack. This Mrs Hinch mirror cleaning hack promises to leave our mirrors sparkling clean thanks to an unusual £7 product.

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    Mrs Hinch has dipped into the car maintenance supply kit for the lastest Mrs Hinch mirror cleaning hack. The reigning Queen of under-the-sink Narnia, Sophie Hinchcliffe, has added Autoglym Fast Glass to her cleaning regime.

    Mrs Hinch mirror cleaning hack

    Autoglym Fast Glass is designed to be used on cars, to leave them with a sparkling finish. ‘Cleans all automotive glass, acrylic, perspex and plastic windows,’ reads the product bottle.

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    The Autoglym website describes Fast Glass as ‘a highly effective cleaner, free of abrasives, waxes and silicones which leaves no residues but a crystal clear finish.’


    The cleanfluencer unveiled her latest find on her Instagram story. showing off how Autoglym Fast Glass can be used for interiors, especially glass surfaces…hello sparkling mirrors!

    Trialling the product on her mirrors, Mrs Hinch wrote on her Instagram story: ‘So it’s actually for cars but I’m impressed! Never used this before, it’s amazing!’

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    However, at around £7.49 a bottle on Amazon this hack doesn’t come cheap. Especially compared to a bottle of the old faithful Mr Sheen multi-surface polish that costs just £1.35.

    But Mrs Hinch has still been convinced to add it to her cleaning repertoire.

    ‘Not cheap though! Around £7 a bottle! But I would say it’s worth it!’ she writes on her story. If Mrs Hinch’s seal of approval wasn’t enough for you, then just take a look at her dazzling dressing table mirror. Or better yet the statement mirror in her hallway.

    If you still aren’t prepared to stretch to £7 in the name of clean mirrors why not check out our mirror cleaning guide. The newspaper cleaning hack still remains our number one top tip for a streak-free shine.

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    Will you be trying Mrs Hinch’s mirror cleaning hack?

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