Inside Vogue Williams' pink living room - that proves blush tones belong in this space

A subtle pink is spot-on for a living room - as Vogue Williams' paint choice shows

Opting for a pink living room might sound like a bold move - and potentially hard to get past your other half. But pink works perfectly well in this space - as Vogue Williams' house demonstrates.

The Irish model shares her London home with husband Spencer Matthews and two (soon to be three) children. She recently teamed up with Lick Paint to bring some subtle and warm pink living room ideas to life.

vogue williams pink living room with beige sofa and artwork on the wall

(Image credit: Vogue Williams)

Vogue Williams' pink living room

Vogue sat down with head colour expert at Lick, Tash Bradley, after the pink update was finished. 'It was only when you came [that we painted it] and I'm kind of annoyed that I hadn't done it before,' says Vogue in the YouTube video where you can see inside her living room.

'Because it makes such a difference.' Before the pink makeover in Lick's Pink 01 shade, everything was just white.

Colour was brought into the room through lots of artwork, but all of the walls were standard white. Vogue admits that she was a little scared about the decision to paint the room pink.

Living room painted in lick pink 01 with wooden table and grey chairs

(Image credit: Lick)

It was important to get her living room ideas just right - after all, this is the space in their home they spend most of their time as a family. When it comes to how to design a living room, it's often a lot of trial and error.

Vogue says she spent a long time picking out different decor pieces, making mistakes, and having to switch things around. ‘But the paint has really tied it all together,’ she comments. When it first went on one of the walls in the living room, it looked very pink against the rest of the white walls.

‘I actually have Pink 01 in my living room too,’ Tash tells us. ‘Because I love stronger colours and bold artwork, so it’s a really lovely colour to be in the background of that.

Vogue Williams

(Image credit: Alamy)

‘In addition to this, it’s also a great colour to keep the room feeling light and bright, while still offering a level of depth and warmth,’ she says.

Pink 01 Matt | £42

Pink 01 Matt | £42
Pink 01 contains no harmful chemicals and the matt finish means it won’t reflect any glare. A 2.5L tin costs £38

But the barely-there pink warms up the room, almost acting as a neutral thanks to the tiny hint of light grey and matt finish. Lick's Pink 01 is in a whole different category to traditional baby pinks we remember from childhood bedrooms.

It's modern, it's grown-up, and it brightens up a room, but in a very subtle way.

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