Pink living room ideas – create a stylish space filled with on-trend colour

These beautiful pink living room ideas will show you how to work one of this season's hottest colours into your design scheme

The right pink living room ideas in the most suitable shade will make any room look fresh, modern and effortlessly styled. From soft blush pastels to upbeat corals and richer tones of raspberry, fuchsia and cerise, there's a versatile pink shade to suit all tastes.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to pink living room ideas. Think petal pinks as an accent and use no more than three tonal shades in your palette. Use white as the base. It’s the colour that sets off any pink to its best advantage and other colours are hard to mix with petal tones without looking garish.

At the opposite end of the scale there are hot pinks that make a style statement with unapologetic colour. From deep magenta to hot pink these saturated shades of pink can look fabulous when paired with contrasting accents of slate grey and black.

Whichever pink suits your tastes, the most important aspect when designing your living room is to have fun with your selection.

Make your living room colour scheme reflect your own personal style and bring a touch of personality to your comfortable space. Our pick of the best pink living room ideas will inspire your decorating journey.

Pink living room ideas

1. Pair pink with one dominant accent colour

A pink living room with blue sofa with cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC/Georgia Burns)

Create a stylishly cohesive decorating scheme by working with a coordinated palette. Pair pink with one other dominant accent colour.

This pink living room chooses to celebrate blue, to add a pop of colour against the serene dusky pink background. The pale millennial pink on the walls helps to set the tone as the lead colour, while the blue takes centre stage on the sofa, furniture and artwork.

The wallpapered feature wall is a blend of the two colours to ensure the colour scheme works in perfect harmony. Soft golden sand-coloured textiles add another layer of colour without distracting from the pink and blue living room idea.

2. Paint the ceiling pink

A pink living room with a corner sofa and wooden table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Veronica Rodriguez)

Why not try an adventurous living room paint idea? Engulf the entire living room in a comforting blanket of buff pink by painting the ceiling, in addition to all four walls.

Painting ceilings is fast becoming a go-to living room trend for the modern home. Incorporating all five walls makes the colour scheme feel more immersive and atmospheric.

Take the colour palette completely from floor to ceiling, including skirting boards, doors and even floating shelves to create a seamless finish to unify all wall surfaces.

3. Make it fashion with hot pink

A hot pink dining room with wooden furniture

(Image credit: Lick)

For fans of pink – PINK pink – consider using unapologetic shades of the colour to really celebrate this wonderful hue.

From a bubblegum pink on the walls to set the tone, to a paler pink on painted floorboards to add a softer edge, a colour palette of all pink everywhere is a bold way to show off a penchant for the shade in all its glory.

This vibrant shade from Lick paint is Pink 06 described as a 'perfectly youthful hot pink'. This unapologetic, pure and undiluted pink is sure to welcome warmth to any living room. The pairing of Pink 03 'muted bubblegum pink' works a treat to balance the warm tones.

4. Contrast with shades of grey

A pink living room with a grey ceiling and wooden beams

(Image credit: Future PLC/Benedicte Drummond)

Pink and grey living room ideas are a match made in heaven. Both shades offer a full spectrum of tone and depth, with like shades of each colour pairing beautifully. Pale pinks work with stronger shades of charcoal grey and black to create a striking construct of tone, with the lighter colour softening the hardness of the darker shades.

In this pink living room idea the homeowner has used a mid-grey on the ceiling to offset the lighter, pale pink walls. While embracing dark charcoal grey, almost black, furniture pieces to add a punch of clashing impact.

5. Coordinate the window treatments

Peachy pink living room walls, cream sofa and pink curtains

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Whether your window treatment is a living room curtain idea or on-trend shutters, incorporating the windows into your colour palette goes a long way to balance the room.

This is especially effective in small living rooms because the less you distract from the walls the more generous the space will feel. Matching the wall colours, in this case pink, will ensure the scheme feels cohesive and less imposing on the space.

6. Balance a purple and pink colour palette

A pale pink living room with brown armchairs either side of a log burner

(Image credit: Future PLC/Max Attenborough)

In this pale pink living room the colour is enhanced further by layers of plum and purple overtones. Follow suit and let dusky pink play the focal point of your cosy living room.

Snuggle up with sumptuous shades of dusky pink and fig. Off-set muted pink walls with darker tones on velvet furniture pieces and chunky knits to create a welcoming fireside snug.

7. Mix pink with metallics for a sophisticated look

A pink living room with small button back sofa wooden coffee table and wall-mounted letters artwork

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

To avoid your pink living room decor looking too sickly sweet, opt for a throughly dusky shade of pink. Take it as dark as you can without losing the lightness of the pink tones, which will be more present in direct daylight.

To help add a further touch of sophistication pair with chic taupe upholstery and a plethora of muted metallic accents – from elegant furniture pieces and lamps to fun lettered wall art, as seen on this living room feature wall.

8. Choose soft shades for a serene approach to pink

Soft pink living room with cream sofa with cushions in front of open window with white curtains

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Balance powder pink walls with an equal amount of soft white and touches of warm neutrals – sand, stone, caramel. Powder pink is a cool colour, so natural wood warms it up.

We suggest including plenty of texture with linens, woven accessories and ceramics for a contemporary feel that won't date.

9. Welcome darker shades for furniture

A pink living room with a blue sofa and rattan tables

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Don't be afraid to keep/buy bolder furniture pieces in fear that they won't suit your pink living room ideas. A complete contrast in sofa or armchair choice can actually be very grounding, giving definition to the pieces and adding depth to the overall scheme.

Sofas in dark grey, navy blue or tan leather can help to inject a bold accent colour to work into the wider decorating scheme.

10. Pick shades of plastered pink

A pink living room with plastered walls and a log burner

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

As the trend for plastered pink paint shades goes from strength to strength, how about embracing actual plastered walls? Not to everyone's taste of course, but as demonstrated in the modern living room above it can look effortlessly stylish.

Even when used as a feature for a chimney breast, with a matching tonal pink shade of paint for the adjacent walls.

11. Add warming peach undertones

Peach walls in a living room with sheer curtains and a pink sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Peachy pinks are a great choice for adding warmth to a living room, perhaps a north-facing room that is starved of natural light leaving it feeling dingy and flat. Look to inject a coral/peachy toned pink to lift the spirits and take a soft approach to using pink paint.

Soft peach pinks pair beautifully with pale greys to create a dreamily serene, almost nostalgic colour scheme that feels effortlessly calming.

12. Team pink with wood grain

A living room with pale pink chimney breast wall with faux wood wallpaper in alcoves either side with dark grey sofas

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Give your feature wall a lick of rose pink paint. Team this feminine shade with white-washed wood panelling to add further definition. Then add furniture, flooring and soft furnishings in a mix of natural, earthy tones to compliment the look.

13. Enhance a chimney breast with splash of pink

A pink painted chimney breast in a light living room with grey sofas

(Image credit: FuturePLC/Nick Keane)

Not keen on painting all four walls in pink? Or even a whole wall even? Why not try picking out an interesting key feature with a splash of your chosen pink colour – here it's the chimney breast. The backdrop is just enough to enhance the architectural feature of interest.

The strong shade of pink is beautifully complimented by natural wood and pale grey tones.

14. Layer pink and delicate silk for laid-back luxury

A pale pink living room with blossom wallpaper panel behind chaise

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

To create a comforting laid-back living room with a touch of decadence try combining petal-soft pinks, tea rose and peach tones with delicate Japanese-inspired patterns.

Dress a daybed or sofa with luxurious silks and linens, adorned in soft oriental patterns to add a decorative element to your pink colour scheme.

Take a trick from our stylists and cover a panel in a beautiful wallpaper for an instant feature wall that switches up the scene for the season.

15. Make pink a focal point

A neutral living room with a pink sofa and gold round mirror

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

Create a sophisticated scheme with an elegant colour combination of tea rose and soft putty. Set a romantic mood by painting walls in a warm shade of mushroom grey – a stunning neutral living room idea. Then team smart upholstery in tea-rose pink with sisal flooring to build a classic look.

Cheat period character by fixing ornate corbels to a basic floating shelf and add a hint of old fashioned glamour with a chest of drawers in shimmering mother-of-pearl. Contemporary side tables, copper accessories and a statement mirror will give the scheme a modern edge.

16. Feel at home with blossom pink

Pink living room with taupe and beige stripe sofa and French armour display cabinet

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jon Day)

The modern country way to work this trend is to mix blossom pink with taupe, giving it a grown-up edge. Avoid high-impact pink florals and go for gauzy designs, soft graphic leaf shapes or gentle rustic block prints on curtains and wallpapers.

Add character to the living room with a statement sofa that bravely mixes the colour palette. Complement with curvaceous wooden furniture styles in pastel-painted or washed finishes and soft furnishings with classic shapes.

17. Add vibrance with hot pink

A white living room with a pink sofa and built in wall storage with a pink background

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mel Yates)

Subtle white-grey walls and hits of wood and metal are fitting foils for vivid and blush pink accents. A wall of storage with cubbyhole-style shelving creates an interesting focal point in this symmetrical scheme. Pick a dark raspberry, a mid-toned bubblegum pink and a light blossom tone and use them behind alcove shelves.

Leave a big gap between each shelf so you can display large frames and pretty trinkets. Finish off the look by choosing one thing that will tie everything together. In this space, the paints and accessories have been matched to the sofa.

18. Mix vibrant pink with deep orange

Pink living room with white floorboards and a patterned pink rug

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

If you don’t want to go pink-all-over, why not trying spicing up your living room by teaming hot pink with a vibrant orange hue?

Turn up the heat with this fearless duo of dazzling brights. Balance large areas of intense hot pink with accents of zesty orange, then add furniture and accessories in pure white to bring a wash of calm to a bold scheme.

Layer cushions two or three deep to re-create the smart-casual feel of Miami boutique hotels, and mix in graphic prints for added impact.

20. Keep pink tones subdued

A neutral living room with hot pink sofa with cushions and vintage wall-mounted mirror

(Image credit: Future PLC/Robert Sanderson)

If a hot pink is too punchy for you, why not try a powder pink? Don’t think of it as pink, it’s really a neutral – a barely-there flush that gives a room a layer of colour and blends in rather than contrasts.

Use it to add quiet sophistication and a fresh hint of prettiness that’ll upgrade any look, from a simple country living room to upscale glamour.

21. Use pink as a backdrop to natural wood

A pale pink living room with wall of wooden storage

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

For a light and spacious feel, pale neutrals are your best friend. Try soft pink on the walls with touches of taupe and cream. For a streamlined scheme, build a network of living room storage ideas combining shelves, drawers and cubbies. Paint sections different colours to break up the expanse of wood.

Is pink a good colour for living rooms?

Pink is a good colour for living rooms. It's a great colour for any room in fact, simply because it's so versatile. There are so many varying shades of pink that the look can be entirely different from one living room to another.

Pale pinks are ideal for those looking to inject warmth to a colour scheme without feeling overwhelmed by the use of 'colour'. Very pale pinks can work as a warm neutral.

For those who love colour there's a whole spectrum of deeply saturated pink shades to add vibrancy to living spaces.

Does grey go with blush pink?

All shades of grey go with blush pink, meaning there's a colour combination for all settings. Stronger, more dominant shades of grey from charcoal to slate grey take on blush pink as a soft accent shade, best used for accessories throughout the living room to break up the strong colour scheme.

While gentle, paler greys work in perfect harmony for blush pink – creating a balance blanket fo muted colour.

How can I add pink to my living room?

You can add pink to a living room at many different levels. Firstly for a more impactful approach to colour you can paint the walls. Whether opting for a bold cerise pink or a sophisticated dusky pink tone, painting walls is the best way to really embrace pink in a living space.

Adding hints of pink via furniture choices, in an otherwise neutral scheme, helps to add bursts of colour rather than saturate the space.

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