Wedding gifts that keep on giving

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  • When it comes to wedding presents, is it ever wise to go off-list? These smart gifts tell us it is.

    You’ve got the wedding invite, you’ve RSVP’d, you’ve got a lovely place to stay for the weekend’s celebrations and an outfit that fits the dress code… but you haven’t quite got the wedding present. The gift list, if there even is one, is sold out but in any case, you want to give the bride and groom something more personal. Something original. Except, going off-list is a little daunting. What can you give that says thoughtful and tasteful, rather than ‘shove it away in a cupboard, we can get it out when they come to visit’? We’ve got a couple of bright ideas.

    Corker of a gift

    When that first champagne pops after the ceremony, cheer loudly and grab the cork as fast as you can – it’s not the bouquet, so you won’t have as much competition! The reason? You can get the cork framed in a personalised mount, making it a neat little memento of the couple’s big day. Yes, it might arrive a little bit late, but believe us – it’s worth it.

    Framed cork, Betty’s Beach Hut at Etsy

    You’ve got mail

    Many newlyweds experience post-big-day blues after the build-up to their special day disappears. Keep the honeymoon period going strong with this sweet and sentimental gift. The premise is simple: take a stack of hand-picked postcards (or personalised ones if you like) to the wedding. Ask other guests to write messages, stories, tips or highlights of the wedding on a card, and then collect them all to take home.
    Yes, you take them home. Then, every week (or month, depending how many cards you have) for the next year, send a postcard to the bride and groom. It extends their big day into their big life together.

    Postcards, Paperchase

    It’s date night!

    Rather than buy some plates, cutlery or homewares, treat the new Mr & Mrs to a special date outside the confines of their marital home! Buy restaurant vouchers for a top restaurant, an annual pass for their favourite theme park, flight credit towards a long weekend, dance classes for activity lovers or cookery school for foodies… Extra-special treats offer an added boost to their first year of wedded bliss!

    Subscribe and delight

    Out with the wedding magazines, in with a new source of inspiration. Whether it’s interiors titles to offer inspiration for a new forever home, or travel titles filled with ideas for yet-to-be-had adventures, gifting a magazine subscription is a great way to move the focus on from the events of the wedding to the foundations of the marriage itself.

    Wake up together

    One of the things cited by married couples as a highlight of life together is waking up beside the person they love every day. Ok, stop with the cheesiness, we hear you. You know what else is great to wake up to? FRESH COFFEE! Coffee subscriptions have become more popular with the rise of the independent roasters, and boy are we glad about that. A gift not to turn your nose up at!

    Coffee subscription, Handpicked Cafe Direct

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