The strangest things Brits have found in their new home – from human hearts to witchcraft sets

You'd be amazed what some people leave behind
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  • Rummaging through the attic or cupboards of a new home isn’t always like it is in Escape to The Chateau, unearthing treasures. Sometimes it can be a bit stranger, proven by the ScS competition to find the weirdest new home finds.

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    Sofa and Carpet specialists ScS ran a competition to find the creepiest things left behind by previous homeowners. If you’re squeamish you might want to look away now.

    Kathyrn Gaston from Glasgow was crowned the competition winner after finding part of a human heart. She found an aortic valve in a plastic container in her new kitchen.

    wierdest new home finds 1

    Image credit: Kathryn Gaston, ScS

    At least she was able to snag a new sofa from ScS worth £849.99 for her gruesome discovery. However, she wasn’t the only one to uncover some truly baffling objects in her new homes. Read on for the rest of the top ten freaky finds.

    Weirdest new home finds

    Witch decoy kit

    wierdest new home finds 2

    Image credit: Kerrie Jackson, ScS

    Kerrie Jackson from Wrexham found eight odd shoes, animal skulls and a gun barrel under the staircase in her new home. It is believed to be a supposed ‘witch decoy kit’.

    Mental hospital records

    Sam McCloskey from Haywards Heath uncovered the blueprints and food log for an old mental hospital in the 1920s in his new home.

    Bottle of arsenic

    wierdest new home finds 3

    Image credit: Anne-Marie Martin, ScS

    Possibly one of the most worrying finds. Anne-Marie Martin from Colchester found a bottle of the famous poison hidden away on the wooden beams of her outbuilding.

    Rabbit skull

    wierdest finds in a new house 3

    Image credit: Tanya Kaushal-Cash, ScS

    Everyone has different tastes in artwork, but Tanya Kaushal-Cash from Sunderland found that the previous owner’s taste was very peculiar. She found a rabbit skull handing from the wall in a frame.

    Witchcraft set

    Taking the biscuit for the spookiest discovery, Tracy Martin from Brighton from a small jar containing a dead spider and a burnt pin. She was told that the items were used for witchcraft.

    Resuscitation doll

    weirdest new home finds 4

    Image credit: Sue Turley, ScS

    Sue Turley from Norwich got the fright of her life when she found this 1970s resuscitation doll in a suitcase left by the previous owners.

    Polaroid and note

    Weirdest new home finds 6

    Image credit:Paul Jones, ScS

    The creepiest find in the list is a polaroid and note written by a child, found by Paul Jones from Liverpool. To make things creepier the previous tenants had no children.

    Erotic novel

    From the scary to the obscene. Sam Rowe from Hereford found an old erotic novel from the 50s, called ‘Rachel Rachel’.

    Handcuffs in the attic

    Wierdest new home find 7

    Image credit: Timothy Grainger, ScS

    This might look like the scene from a horror film, but this photo was taken when Timothy Grainger from Reading was exploring his new attic. He has no idea who or what they were used for. Hopefully, it was just storage…

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    What is the strangest thing you’ve found after moving into a new house?

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