Find out what your Christmas tree says about you

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  • You will never look at a Christmas tree in the same way again...

    For many, half the fun of Christmas is choosing the tree.
    For others, the fun comes in the form of an easy assemble faux fir, but which do you prefer?

    See what your Christmas tree says about you before your guests arrive and start forming their own opinion…

    The real deal

    If you love the smell of a real tree and adore the ritual of going to pick it up and driving home with it strapped to the roof like the Griswolds then you are a traditionalist. In your opinion, nothing beats the look of a real tree – shedding needles and all.

    A tree glossed in frost

    You love the tradition of a Christmas tree but want to add even more drama than a glittery tree ornament ever could. These trees are not wallflowers and love taking centre stage – remind you of anyone?

    Fake it ’til you make it

    If you opt for a festive faux then you still love the look of a traditional tree but you don’t enjoy picking it out in the cold and prefer the practicality of plucking it out of its box every year. You are a perfectionist who knows what you are going to get.

    White winter wonderland

    You are girly, love dressing your tree with pastel pinks and turquoises, can’t have too much glitter and lust after a snowy winter wonderland scene every year. Sound about right?

    Small over a tall

    Just because you have a tiny tree doesn’t necessarily mean you have a petite maison. You still honour the tradition of the tree, but you can’t stand the hassle of bringing a forest indoors and slaving away for hours on a stepladder reaching those high branches.

    Twiggy tree

    Anyone who is anyone knows fat firs are over and spindly spider arms are in. If you have jumped on the twig craze this year then you are a member of the super fashionable elite / you hate decorating trees with garish baubles.

    Go big or go home

    You either have a gorgeous Georgian home with lofty ceilings or you blooming love Christmas and you NEED a huge tree to show that – even if that means your treetop is bent. More is more when it comes to your tree.

    Fibre optic fanatic

    Disco loving diva – you can never have too many lights and shazam at Christmas time. Your tree is your prized possession at Christmas time and stands right in the window for all the neighbours to see.

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